4 Reasons to Sign Up for Blue Apron

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  • Meal delivery services have gotten increasingly popular.
  • Signing up for Blue Apron could help you save money on food costs and eat a more balanced diet.

Is Blue Apron worth it? Here's why it might be.

Whether you live alone or have a large family to feed, coming up with dinnertime ideas can be exhausting. So can finding the time to hit the supermarket and do all of that cooking.

That's why meal delivery kits have become more and more popular in recent years. Most of these services work similarly -- you get fresh ingredients delivered to your door with instructions on how to prepare them. And while there are different services you can choose from, Blue Apron has long been a favorite of those who swear by meal delivery kits.

How Blue Apron works

Blue Apron lets you customize your plan to your household's needs. You can choose how many people you're looking to feed and how many recipes you want each week. You can also opt for vegetarian meals if that's the diet you follow.

Meanwhile, the more meals you order from Blue Apron, the lower your per-meal cost will be. If you're feeding two people two meals a week, your cost per serving will be $9.99. If you're feeding four people four times a week, your cost per serving drops to $7.49. You'll also pay $9.99 shipping on your order.

It's also worth noting you don't have to commit to a plan in advance. If there's a week when you don't want meals delivered, you can skip that batch. You can also cancel your Blue Apron service at any time.

Should you sign up for Blue Apron?

Let's be clear. No matter what meal delivery kit service you choose, you're likely to spend more money per meal than you would by shopping for ingredients at the supermarket. If you're on a budget or are actively trying to boost your savings, you may want to stick to the grocery store. But here are four reasons to sign up for Blue Apron.

1. You're trying to kick the takeout habit

While Blue Apron is, for the most part, more expensive than buying food at the supermarket to cook, you'll generally spend less on that service than you will ordering takeout constantly from local restaurants. And it's certainly less expensive than going out to eat.

2. You want to eat better

It's not always easy to make healthy food choices when left to our own devices. The great thing about Blue Apron is that its baseline offerings hinge on healthy, balanced meals. You can also customize your plan to meet specific goals, like losing weight or eating more plant-based foods.

3. You don't know how to cook but want to learn

If you don't have experience in the kitchen, the idea of cooking can be daunting. With Blue Apron, you'll get all of the ingredients you need and specific instructions on how to prepare everything. That could, in turn, give you more confidence as a home cook.

4. You're out of ideas and need inspiration

Even if you know how to cook, you may reach a point where you're stuck in a rut. With Blue Apron, you'll get access to new recipes that can lead to a better variety of meals coming out of your kitchen.

Blue Apron isn't the only meal delivery service out there, so it's not a bad idea to explore different options and see which is best for you. But if you're interested in the idea of a meal delivery kit, Blue Apron happens to offer a competitive price point, so it may be worth giving it a chance.

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