4 Seasonal Side Hustles to Get During the Holidays

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Want more money during the holiday season? These gigs could be your ticket to it.

The holidays may be an exciting time of the year, but they can also be expensive. Between travel, gifts, decorations, and parties, it's easy to see why so many people land in debt by the time the holidays are over. And the last thing you need coming off of the holidays is a whopping credit card balance.

The good news, though, is that if you're able to earn extra money on the side during the holidays, you might manage to emerge from the season debt-free. Here are a few side hustles worth pursuing at that time of the year.

1. Drive for a ride-hailing service

It's common for people to travel to see loved ones during the holidays, and those people don't always rent cars at their destinations. If you're willing to put in the time, you may do quite well for yourself shuttling people to and from your closest airport. Similarly, holiday parties are common at the end of the year, and guests may want to indulge without having to worry about driving themselves home. That's where you might come in -- and why your wallet might get thicker.

2. Work retail

Many retail locations open for extended hours during the holidays -- and they need more hands on deck to manage cash registers, restock inventory, and handle returns. If you're looking for an opportunity to make some money on the side, see what opportunities exist in your neighborhood. You may be able to pick up some evening or weekend shifts at a store that's conveniently located near your home or office, thereby cutting down on travel time to your side gig.

3. Care for pets

It's one thing to pack up a family with children and travel for the holidays, but it's another thing to bring a pet along. And so many people may prefer to leave their furry friends at home or in the care of someone else rather than deal with the hassle of bringing them on an airplane or to a relative's house. If you're good with animals, you can register with a site like Rover.com so people in your area can hire you for seasonal pet care.

4. Create your own gifts

Many people put a lot of value in giving unique gifts. And so rather than get their loved ones sweaters that may or may not get worn or gift cards that could easily get lost, they'd rather pay someone to bake delicious cookies or design a custom t-shirt or piece of jewelry. If those are things you're capable of doing, you could end up taking in quite a bit of money with your side hustle. But if you'll be going this route, start advertising now. The last thing you want is to get overloaded with orders as the holidays near and have to turn down work.

A seasonal side hustle could be just the thing that prevents you from going into debt in the course of your holiday spending. If you've run into a financial crunch during the holidays before, now's the time to put that side gig into place. The more time you give yourself to earn extra cash, the less likely you'll be to run low on funds when the holiday bills start piling up.

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