4 Side Hustles for Morning People

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  • Working a side hustle is a great way to boost your income.
  • There are certain gigs that are specifically suited to people who don't mind getting up early in the day.

Don't mind an early wakeup? These side gigs could be perfect for you.

You may be interested in working a side hustle so you can scrounge up extra money for travel. Or, you may need the money to pay off debt or build your savings.

If you're a morning person who's up earlier than most, you may be able to give yourself an edge. There are certain job opportunities that hinge on being available early in the day, and if you're willing to set your alarm at the right hour, you could end up boosting your income nicely. Here are some side hustles that are ideal for morning people.

1. Driving for a rideshare company

People need to be shuttled around at all hours of the day. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find a ride early in the morning. That's where you might come in.

Whenever you sign up to drive for a ride-hailing company, you effectively have to beat out other drivers when fare requests come in. That can make earning money through one of these gigs a challenge. If you're up earlier than most, you have a prime opportunity to snag fares when people need a ride to the airport for an early flight, or a ride to the train station when there's no parking available.

2. Delivering breakfast orders for a local restaurant or cafe

Some food establishments do most of their business in the morning and need extra help fulfilling orders before most people's workday begins. If you're up early enough, you might manage to do pretty well delivering breakfast orders. Not only might you get a nice hourly wage from the restaurant that hires you, but the recipients of those orders may be inclined to tip nicely.

3. Being a dog-walker

People who work long hours often don't have time to walk their own dogs. You may find clients nearby who need to outsource that first walk of the day to an outside party. That outside party could be you.

Sites like Rover make it easy for local people to find you, so if you love dogs, consider creating a profile. You can also advertise that you're available via social media, or ask local veterinarians if they're willing to let you put up a flyer to cater to people nearby.

4. Being a crossing guard

Some schools start well before the standard workday begins -- a fact often bemoaned by full-time working parents. Many towns employ crossing guards so that children who walk to school on their own can cross busy streets safely.

If you're generally up early, it pays to see if there's an opening in your neighborhood. You could end up getting paid generously for a relatively short shift, since some crossing guards only have to show up for 20 or 30 minutes before the school day starts.

Being an early riser could work to your benefit when it comes to boosting your income with a side hustle. That said, these are just some of the gigs you might do well with if you're a morning person, so it pays to explore different options based on your interests and skills.

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