4 Things to Know About Buying Tickets on StubHub

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  • StubHub is a great source for concert and sporting event tickets.
  • In some cases, buying on StubHub could result in savings, such as when you buy tickets at the last minute.

New to StubHub? Here's what you need to know.

Some people prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than things. If you fall into that camp, then you may be the type who budgets for concerts and sporting events. And if so, you may be curious about StubHub if you've never used it before.

Unlike Ticketmaster, which sells tickets directly to consumers, StubHub is more of a ticket marketplace where individuals can list tickets they have available for sale. You might, for example, use StubHub if you bought tickets to an event and then a conflict arises that renders you unable to attend. Or, you might use StubHub to try to score tickets to an otherwise sold-out event.

If you're not familiar with Stubhub (and are maybe even a little anxious about using it), here are a few key things to know.

1. It's the real deal

Buying tickets on StubHub guarantees you a seat to whatever event you're looking to attend. Not only will your tickets be legitimate, but you're guaranteed to get them in time for your event. In fact, StubHub says that if an issue arises with your tickets, it will find you comparable or better tickets to your event or otherwise refund your credit card in full.

2. You will pay fees

As you might expect, StubHub charges a fee for its services. What's tricky, however, is that there aren't pre-set fees. Rather, those fees can fluctuate based on factors such as ticket price and demand. Reading between the lines, this means you should expect to pay higher fees for tickets to a big-name event, and lower fees for a more run-of-the-mill event.

3. You're protected if events are canceled

Sometimes, events don't go off as planned. Musicians can get sick and sporting events can get canceled. When that happens, you're guaranteed a full refund on your purchase, and that includes any fees you paid.

4. Buying last-minute tickets could land you a great deal

Sellers often list tickets on StubHub weeks or months ahead of a given event. But as those events near, they may come down in price in the absence of having a buyer. And so if you wait until you're within a few days of a given event, you might snag a great deal.

5. If you list tickets that aren't purchased, you don't pay

StubHub will deduct a fee from tickets you manage to sell through its site. But it won't charge you a fee just to list your tickets, so there's no risk there.

Should you use StubHub?

All told, StubHub could be a great resource whether you need to sell event tickets or purchase them. But in either scenario, it pays to explore other options, too.

If you're selling tickets, for example, before listing on StubHub, consider blasting out on your social media page that you're looking for a buyer so you can potentially avoid paying a fee. And if you're buying tickets, look at various sites to see which one has the best price. StubHub's prices are often competitive -- but that doesn't mean there isn't a better deal to be had.

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