4 Tricks to Cut Your Budget Without Giving Up Your Treats

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Cutting your budget doesn't have to mean sacrificing your treats -- if you employ these tricks.

It's trick-or-treat season, which means chances are good you're stocking up on candy and planning a festive costume for Halloween.

While you may be focused on carving pumpkins or bobbing for apples, it's also a good idea to pay a little attention to your finances -- especially as the expensive holiday season is coming up. The good news is, there are some tricks you can use to try to reduce your spending without giving up the treats you value. Here's what they are.

1. Cancel unused memberships

Complacency can be costly. Many people sign up for streaming services, clubs, or gym memberships that they rarely use but that they also don't end up canceling. These small fees for unused services add up and eat into your available cash without improving your life.

Review your past several months of financial statements and look for any recurring charges for services that aren't really justifying their value. You may find there are a few things you can cancel that you won't miss that will free up some extra room in your budget.

2. Shop around for lower prices

If you use certain products or services regularly, it's worth comparing prices to see if you can get them cheaper.

For example, switching your cellphone or internet service to a different company might save you money. Or you may be able to change auto insurance companies to reduce premiums without compromising quality.

You can also shop grocery store flyers to see if there are sales on big-ticket items you need to buy and then pick your store strategically. And before buying bigger items, do a search online to see where you can get the lowest cost.

3. Refinance expensive debt

Credit card bills and other loans can take a huge chunk out of your budget. If you can reduce monthly payments and interest costs, you can free up cash for more fun things. The good news is, you may be able to do that by refinancing your debt.

A balance transfer credit card or personal loan could make it possible to reduce the interest rate you're paying and could lower your monthly bills. If you can qualify for a lower rate, there's little reason not to refinance your debt. Just be sure you have a debt payoff plan and watch your spending so you don't end up deeper in debt.

4. Make full use of coupons

Finally, take advantage of coupons whenever you can. Before you make any purchase, do a quick internet search to see if there's a coupon available. That applies to both online shopping and items you buy in store.

You can also get coupons for grocery items from the newspaper, either by buying a Sunday paper and cutting them yourself or by purchasing them from online resale websites. This can help reduce your grocery bill with just a little effort.

With these four tips, you should be able to bring down your spending without having to make any major sacrifices. And that's a pretty great trick to try.

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