4 Ways I Plan to Save Money at Costco in 2023

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  • Shopping strategically at Costco can result in big savings.
  • Here are some tactics I'm hoping to employ in the new year.
  • I plan to shop with a list, check sales ahead of time, and set harder limits on impulse buying.

Let's see if I end up meeting my goal.

Although I've managed to add a decent chunk of money to my savings account this year, at this point, I'm pretty behind on my savings goal for 2022. Part of that has to do with the fact that I encountered yet another expensive home repair I wasn't expecting, and part of it has to do with inflation.

But all told, I'm hoping to do a bit better on the saving money front in 2023, and that means eking out more savings in the course of my shopping. Now one store I tend to visit on a weekly basis is Costco, mostly because doing so saves me a lot of money on groceries and household essentials. But here are some steps I plan to take to maximize my Costco savings even more.

1. Making shopping lists ahead of time

There are certain staple items I buy at Costco every week. As such, I don't always make a shopping list because I know I need to pick up milk, produce, cheese, and other such goods that we tend to consume as a family in short order.

But next year, I want to do a better job of making shopping lists so I'm more focused on what to buy, and so I don't accidentally wind up buying things we already have at home. That happened a few times this year and resulted in higher credit card bills than necessary.

2. Timing my trips to when my minivan tank is empty

I don't always coordinate my Costco trips with when my car needs a full-up. But next year, I hope to get better at that.

The reason? Costco's gas prices are the most competitive in my area, so if I make a point to go shopping when my car needs fuel, I can reap more savings. And since my car has a very large tank, scoring a lower price per gallon is key for me.

3. Actually paying attention to sales

Costco has a deal book I get in the mail every month. Often, I'll look through it, get excited about specific on-sale items (usually chocolate-related), and then forget about it. Next year, I hope to do a better job of tracking sale items so I can scoop up purchases at even more of a discount.

4. Setting stricter limits on impulse buys

Since Costco's inventory tends to rotate seasonally, I'm often tempted to purchase items that aren't available all year round. And I generally allow myself to scoop up a few impulse purchases in the course of my shopping.

But next year, I want to set stricter ground rules to keep my spending in check. That could mean limiting myself to one impulse buy per visit up to a certain amount, or it could mean setting a monthly limit I have to stick to.

I love shopping at Costco, and I think that with a little planning, I can save myself even more money there next year. I just need to make that commitment in my head to actually see it through.

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