4 Ways to Earn Cash Back This Holiday Season

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  • Whether you prefer to shop online or in person, don't miss out on the opportunity to earn cash back rewards. 
  • Rewards credit cards, loyalty programs, and cash back apps are some ways you can earn cash back on your spending this holiday season. 

Cash back rewards can add value to your life and could increase your bank account balance.  

Many of us spend more than usual on our shopping during the holiday season. It's essential to stay on budget, so you don't neglect your financial goals. It's also good practice to shop deals to save money and take advantage of ways to earn rewards on your spending. You may be able to earn cash back as you shop, by using the following tools.

1. Use cash back credit cards

If you're shopping this holiday season, credit cards can be a convenient way to pay for your purchases. But credit cards can also offer other benefits. Rewards credit cards allow you to earn rewards on your spending. You can earn cash back by using cash back credit cards.

Over time, your rewards can add up, and you can redeem them by applying them as a statement credit to your account, transferring your earnings to your bank account, or receiving a check. If you're using credit cards regularly, don't miss out on the opportunity to earn rewards. 

2. Try cash back apps 

Cash back apps make it simple to earn cash back as you shop. With these apps and browser extensions, you can earn rewards while shopping from your phone, tablet, or computer. Some cash back apps also allow you to earn rewards when you shop in-store. 

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Most cash back programs require you to activate offers to be eligible for rewards, so make sure you look into the details of each program and follow the guidelines so you don't miss out. Check out our list of the best cash back apps to learn more. 

3. Put credit card offers to use

Some credit card issuers have offers available in their mobile apps. By activating these offers, you can earn a statement credit on eligible purchases made with specific retailers. These offers can reduce your credit card bill and, in a way, function as a discount on your purchases. Chase Offers and American Express Offers are two examples of programs like this. 

4. Don't forget about loyalty rewards programs 

Another way to get rewarded for shopping is by using loyalty programs at your favorite retailers. Many companies develop free rewards programs to incentivize loyal customers to spend money more often. While each program functions differently, these programs can be a win for your wallet -- so it's silly not to use them if you can. 

Some rewards programs, like the Target Circle Rewards program, enable customers to earn cash back. You can earn rewards on your spending and apply your earned cash back rewards to get a discount on future purchases. 

Keep your financial goals in mind 

As you shop for holiday gifts for your favorite people, ensure that you continue honoring your personal finance goals. You can avoid spending beyond your means by sticking to a budget. Don't feel tempted to buy expensive gifts, as it's the thought that counts. 

Are you looking for ways to save money? Pay attention to sales fliers and take advantage of coupon apps and promo code browser extensions to get discounts on your orders. Finally, take advantage of cash back earning opportunities like the ones mentioned above. 

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