5 Amazing Trader Joe's Products You Have to Try in March

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  • The great thing about Trader Joe's is that it's constantly introducing new products into its regular mix.
  • This month, be on the lookout for spicy seasoning, tasty snacks, a unique new entree, and a special something for your dog.

You may want to pick these up the next time you go to the store.

One of the great things about shopping at Trader Joe's is its low prices. Buying food at Trader Joe's will often mean racking up a lower credit card tab than you'd end up with at a different supermarket.

Plus, Trader Joe's is known for the practice of constantly introducing new products into its usual lineup. And so not surprisingly, this month, you may spot some items on the shelves you've never seen before. Here are a few that could be worth scooping up.

1. Sriracha Sprinkle Seasoning Blend

Sriracha sauce has been hard to come by in recent months due to shortages. But Trader Joe's has you covered with this seasoning blend. It's a mix of garlic, cayenne pepper, and other tasty spices that's sure to enhance any meal. Stir it into rice, soup, or even sprinkle it over fries to give them a kick. You can pick up a 2.5-ounce jar for $2.99

2. Strawberries & Cream Gelato

Many people use the terms ice cream and gelato interchangeably. In reality, they're not the same. Gelato tends to be thicker and creamier -- think of it as a frozen dessert that eats more like a meal. If that sounds like your jam, and you're a fan of strawberry, consider picking up this Trader Joe's concoction. You can score a full pint for $3.49, which is less than what you might pay for other premium ice cream pints.

3. Vegetarian Meatless Cheeseburger Pizza

If you're someone who enjoys both cheeseburgers and pizza separately, then this amalgamation of the two might serve as a great weeknight meal. And when you're too busy to cook, it's nice to have something you can simply pop in the oven to prepare. Not only does this Trader Joe's entree combine two already popular dishes, but it features plant-based protein that any vegetarian can enjoy. A 16.68-ounce pizza will cost you just $5.99, which is cheaper than takeout.

4. Chhurpi Puffs Dog Treats

Who says it's just humans who get to indulge in Trader Joe's products? Now, you can spoil your dog with a unique, tasty snack courtesy of this new offering. If you're not familiar with chhurpi (and you wouldn't be alone), it's a hard cheese native to the Himalayas, traditionally made from yak’s milk or buttermilk. Trader Joe's version is made with both, and you can pick up a 4-ounce bag for just $5.99.

5. Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds

Sometimes, you need a snack that packs some protein but also gives you the sweet fix you crave. These chocolate almonds fit the bill. They're salty and have a dusting of cocoa powder so you don't have to feel too guilty about eating them. A 10-ounce bag will cost you just $4.99.

While it's great that Trader Joe's is perpetually offering up new products, some of them may only be available for a limited time. So if any of these sound tasty to you, head on over to your local store before they disappear from the shelves. And remember to bring a credit card that offers you a generous amount of cash back on grocery purchases so you can benefit even more.

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