5 Household Items You Can Buy at Deep Discounts in March

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  • Many retailers are looking to ditch the last of their winter items as we move into spring.
  • Spring-cleaning-related items are also typically available at a discount right now.

Who would've thought there's a right time of year to buy a vacuum cleaner?

Most people don't think of March as the prime time to find great shopping deals. There are no major sales like Black Friday or Prime Day, but you can still find great deals on specific things if you know what to look for. Here are five common household items you can buy for a steal in March if you're in the market for them.

1. Vacuum cleaners

Vacuums typically go on sale in March, according to Consumer Reports. This makes sense as it's the time of year when people start to think seriously about spring cleaning. If your vacuum isn't doing its job or you've been considering upgrading to a robot vacuum to take this household chore off your plate, now's a great time to shop for deals.

2. Winter coats and clothing

Those of us in the northern part of the country may still have another month to go until spring finally arrives. But in many parts of the U.S., temperatures are already warming and retailers are looking to ditch their excess stock of winter gear to make way for spring and summer items. So it's possible to score a low price on winter coats, boots, and other accessories.

Shopping for yourself is pretty straightforward because you likely already know your size. If you're shopping for young children who are still growing, consider buying a size or two larger than what they're currently wearing. That way, it should fit them by the time next winter rolls around.

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3. Space heaters

Space heaters are another winter item that most people use less as we move into spring, so retailers usually discount their remaining stock. If you frequently use one in your home or are interested in trying one next winter, start comparing models now.

The right one for you will depend on your budget and the size of the space you're trying to heat. Always make sure the model you choose has good safety features and never leave it running unattended. You don't want to wind up with a home insurance claim for fire damage.

4. New windows

Windows, even small ones, can be pretty expensive. But they're usually at their cheapest in March, according to Consumer Reports. So now's a great time to purchase them if you're building a new home or planning to remodel.

The upfront cost will likely still be high, especially if you plan to replace all the windows in your home. But it could be a smart thing for your bank account in the long run. New windows could help better insulate your home, reducing monthly heating and cooling costs.

5. Air purifiers

Allergies are one of the unfortunate side effects of spring for many people, but an air purifier could help mitigate this. They help remove dust and other airborne allergens from your space so you can breathe easier -- literally. Many retailers discount air purifiers around this time of year, so you could find a great deal if you've been thinking about buying one.

The five things listed above are some of the more common deals you'll find in March, but they may not be the only ones. If you're in the market for something in particular, check the rates on popular retailers' websites every few weeks to see if they drop and keep an eye out for sales. If an item is seasonal, like many of the things on this list, you can often find great prices leading up to or at the end of that particular season. Patience is key if you want to score the best possible deals.

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