5 Little-Known Perks of a Home Depot Pro Xtra Membership

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  • Pro Xtra offers exclusive discounts and additional benefits, making it easy for customers to save on their purchases.
  • Anyone is eligible to join, not just professional contractors. 
  • You can earn perks based on how much you spend.

Best of all, it's free.

Home Depot Pro Xtra memberships are more than just a way to get discounts on products. With exclusive benefits and rewards, signing up for a Pro Xtra membership can save you time and money while helping you get the most out of your home improvement and large-scale construction projects. Let's take a look at five little-known perks that come with being a Home Depot Pro Xtra member. 

1. It's free and anyone can join

Home Depot Pro Xtra is a members-only loyalty program built for professionals. But it doesn't mean only professionals can join. You don't have to be a contractor or own a business to be a member. To sign-up, just go to its website and click "join now" to become a Pro Xtra member and start earning perks immediately. Home Depot doesn't just sell home improvement items; it sells a wide array of products you can earn rewards on.

2. Earn perks four times faster

One of the main benefits is that you earn perks for every dollar you spend at Home Depot. Your first perk is unlocked after you spend a minimum of $2,500. You can then choose between $25 Pro Xtra Dollars or $50 toward a tool rental. The more you spend, the more perks you unlock. Plus, this program offers a special credit card. You can earn perks 4X faster with the Pro Xtra Credit Card. The Pro Xtra Credit Card earns 4X every dollar spent at Home Depot toward perks. If you have employees who have their own cards, you can quickly approve their purchases through text.

3. One-year return policy

Home Depot has a generous return policy. Most new, unopened merchandise can be returned within 90 days of purchase. But if you pay with the Home Depot® Credit Card or its other financing options, you have 365 days from the date of purchase to receive a full refund, unless noted in its return policy exceptions.

4. Personalized order tracking

With some other membership programs, it can be difficult to keep track of what you have ordered in the past and where those orders are currently located. But with Home Depot Pro Xtra, every order is tracked in your personalized account dashboard so you always know where your orders are and when they will arrive. You can even see a breakdown of your purchases by PO/job name, store, and top items. This makes it easy to stay organized and keep track of all your purchases from one single location. 

5. Paint rewards

Got a huge paint job? Based on how much you spend, you can save up to 20% on paints, stains, and primers. But better yet, Pro Xtra members get free factory tinting and color matching, dedicated field support, and free direct-to-jobsite paint delivery from its more than 2,500 stores to your site anywhere in the U.S. 

Home Depot Pro Xtra memberships offer much more than just discounts on products -- they offer exclusive benefits and rewards that make them well worth signing up for. From personalized order tracking and easy returns/refunds to special financing options, these five little-known perks can help make your next home improvement project run smoother than ever before. If you shop at Home Depot often, it can be a great way to keep more money in your checking account

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