5 Little-Known Perks of Your Sam's Club Membership

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You can get a lot more from Sam's Club than just bulk purchases.

Key points

  • Sam's Club offers customers household staples in bulk at competitive price points.
  • But there are other benefits to be reaped when you sign up for a membership.

The cost of living has gone nowhere but up over the past several months. We can thank higher inflation for that.

Since things like food and household products have gotten so expensive, now could be a good time to join a warehouse club. That way, you'll get the option to load up on bulk items and potentially slash your grocery bills substantially.

In fact, you may be thinking of joining Sam's Club if there's a convenient location near you. Or maybe you recently joined Sam's Club and are hoping to make the most of your membership.

A basic Sam's Club membership costs $45 a year. That gives you access to the chain's discounted inventory, plus perks like free curbside pickup and same-day delivery. But you can actually get a lot more for your money -- if you take advantage of these five lesser-known benefits.

1. Discounted gas

If the simple act of filling your car's tank is causing you to run up a series of large credit card tabs, you're in good company. These days, the cost of gas has soared, partly due to general inflation and partly because of the Ukraine conflict. But if you're a Sam's Club member, you'll get access to the chain's lower gas prices -- which could really come in handy at a time like this.

2. Free battery testing

If your car's battery suddenly dies on you, you could wind up stranded, or with a huge hassle on your hands. As a Sam's Club member, you're entitled to free battery testing at the chain's tire and battery center, which means you can take better care of your vehicle -- and buy yourself some peace of mind.

3. Free flat tire repair

A flat tire can be a huge hassle. But as a Sam's Club member, you're entitled to have yours repaired at no cost. Compare that to what a mechanic might charge you, and it's a pretty good deal.

4. Discounted gift cards

If you're the type of person who isn't the most creative when it comes to gift giving, then you may frequently fall back on gift cards. At Sam's Club, you can snag gift cards at a discount so that $100 in gift cards at a popular retailer or restaurant chain might cost you just $80 to purchase. You might even find such good deals you decide to buy gift cards to keep yourself.

5. Lower-cost car rentals

When you're traveling, renting a car can be an efficient way to get around. Through Sam's Club, you may be eligible for discounts on car rentals, so it pays to explore that option and see how much savings you can reap.

There's much to be gained by joining a Sam's Club, so if you've been on the fence, keep these lesser-known perks in mind. And if you're already a Sam's Club member, make sure you're taking full advantage of the benefits you're entitled to -- especially if you own a vehicle and want to save money in the course of maintaining it and filling up its tank.

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