5 of the Best Kids' Presents to Buy at Costco

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  • Costco tends to increase its inventory of toys during the holiday season.
  • Shopping for your kids at Costco could result in a lot of savings.
  • Look for deals on Nerf toys, Lego, and slime.

Prepare to see your children's faces light up.

The holidays will be here before we know it, and if you have children, there may be a lot of pressure to surprise them with a host of fabulous gifts. You may be inclined to turn to stores like Target or Walmart for your holiday toy shopping. You may even decide to look on Amazon and see what deals the online retail giant is offering.

But another store you should consider for holiday gifts for your kids is Costco. Shopping there often results in a lower credit card tab, and right now, you can expect an even wider selection of toys at your local warehouse club. Here are some of the best kids' presents you can find at Costco.

1. A Nerf 3-pack

If you have very young or very rambunctious children, a 3-pack of Nerf blasters may not be an ideal purchase. But if you trust your kids to use their Nerf blasters for fun and not evil or injury, you can snag these at an affordable price point.

2. A 48-pack slime kit

For some reason, kids just love slime. You might feel differently as an adult, but if you're willing to get past the ick factor, you can snag a 48-pack slime kit for your kids at Costco. And what you lose in the form of a sticky mess to clean up, you might gain in having your kids occupied for hours.

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3. Squishmallows

Young children tend to love squishy things. And so not surprisingly, they tend to love Squishmallows -- those pillow-like animals that make for a great hug. Costco has a variety of them available right now, so you can mix and match if you happen to have a huge Squishmallow fan in your life.

4. A VTech smartwatch

Kids tend to want to act like adults (not in terms of having to work or clean up, of course, but in terms of using gadgets). And so yours might appreciate a VTech smartwatch that comes loaded with games and different features. Plus, if you get a watch for your kids, you might avoid the constant, "What time is it?" questions.

5. A massive collection of Lego pieces

If your kids love Lego but are constantly losing those tiny pieces (and then complaining about it), this gift might solve that problem. Costco is offering a 1,700-piece Lego set with pieces in a variety of sizes and colors. If you're going to purchase this item for your kids, though, set some ground rules -- something along the lines of "Thou shalt pick up thy Lego pieces and not leave them on the floor to inflict pain on unsuspecting parent feet."

You might normally look to Costco for items like paper towels, milk, and bulk chicken nuggets. But there's no reason not to turn to Costco for your holiday shopping needs, too. These toys could make your kids' holidays extra special. And you might appreciate the opportunity to put a smile on your children's faces without breaking the bank.

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