5 Reasons I Went Freelance and Never Looked Back

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  • If freelancing is a good fit, it can be much more rewarding than a full-time job.
  • I appreciate the flexibility of freelancing, including setting my own schedule and working from anywhere I want.
  • I've also earned more freelancing, and I feel that I have more financial security than I did as an employee.

There's no debate between freelancing and a traditional job for me.

I'm coming up on 10 years of freelancing. At this point, it's how I've supported myself for most of my adult life. And to be honest, since I went freelance, I've never had a desire to go back to being an employee. The traditional work environment just doesn't work for me.

Many people seem to feel the same way, as freelancing has gotten a lot more popular in recent years. Studies have estimated that over 50 million Americans freelance, and that number will likely continue to grow. But going from a full-time job to freelancing is a big transition, so if you're considering it, you definitely want to make sure it will work for you.

There are downsides, like inconsistent income. Still, in my case, I knew it was a perfect fit from the beginning. To see if it could potentially be right for you, read on for what I love about being a freelancer.

1. I make my own schedule

One of the things I never liked about working was having a rigid schedule. It often felt like each shift consisted of waiting for the next break, and then watching the minutes of that break quickly tick away. What can make it even worse is an employer that has little respect for your time. At one point, I worked for a place that would let employees know on Friday if they had to come in for mandatory overtime that weekend.

In addition, I've always been a night owl, so the typical 9 to 5 was a struggle for me. Some people like starting their day bright and early. I'm the type to finish up some work after midnight, and then go read on my Kindle until it's hard to keep my eyes open.

As a freelancer, I have full control over my entire schedule. I decide the hours I work and when I want to take a break. If I want to take some time off, I can, without needing to hope that a manager lets me do it.

2. I can work from anywhere

Because I don't have an employer, I decide where I work. That's a huge perk for me. I love to travel, and I really love long-term travel, where I'm spending months in one place to get to know it better.

Thanks to freelancing, I've explored several new countries while still being able to make money and support myself. I've also been able to move to areas with much lower costs of living and save big on my expenses.

Although some employers allow remote work, they're often restrictive about how often or just how remote you can get. And there seems to be a push to get people back in the office, which I'm happy to avoid.

3. It gives me much more earning potential

This may not be the case for everyone, but many people are able to make a lot more money as freelancers. You're not locked into an employer's pay scale or at the mercy of one company's budget. You choose your clients and decide how much to charge for your services, which could lead to more money in your bank account.

I do want to clarify that building your income as a freelancer is a process. Finding good clients can be tough, and the money usually doesn't start rolling in right away. It took me about four years before I felt like I was getting paid well. Before that, it was up and down, and I often had to take on low-paying work.

However, once you have good clients and a solid workload, freelancing can be lucrative. I was able to raise my income by 100% in two years, and some of my fellow writers have had similar results.

4. I work independently and manage myself

When you're a freelancer, you're effectively your own boss, and you could work entirely on your own. You're not in complete control -- you do need to keep your clients happy, after all. But there's far less oversight in a freelancer-client relationship than an employee-boss relationship.

This is another part of freelancing that meshes well with my personality. I like to work alone, and I like that all I need to worry about is getting the job done. Working with managers and coworkers everyday gets draining. I still get to work with people in my current role, but in smaller, more introvert-friendly doses.

5. I have more financial security

Some people believe that freelancing is riskier than being an employee. I think it's the opposite.

Unfortunately, many employees don't have much stability or security. At several of my jobs, schedules changed from week to week, and there was no guarantee of how many hours you'd get. And when you're an employee, you're dependent on a single company that could let you go at a moment's notice.

Freelancers, on the other hand, can work with multiple clients. That gives them an extra layer of security, as they're not reliant on just one. And the great thing about freelancing is that you learn how to make money independently, relying on yourself and your abilities.

Choosing between a traditional job and freelancing is all about seeing which is a better fit for your personality. In my case, freelancing has significantly improved my quality of life and helped me earn more. If you think it could be right for you, give it a try. You can always test it out while working a day job to see if you like it before you fully commit.

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