5 Side Hustles You Can Do on the Weekend

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  • Your schedule may make it impossible to take on a side gig during the week.
  • There are plenty of side hustles you can do in your off hours that don't require a set schedule.

Too busy for a side gig during the week? These jobs can all be done over the weekend.

Getting a side hustle could help your finances improve in many ways. Earning money on the side could help you grow your savings account balance, pay down debt, or better manage your ongoing bills.

If you have a hectic schedule during the week, then squeezing in a side gig after hours may prove challenging. If that's the case and you're limited to working a side hustle on weekends only, here are some options that may be a good fit for you.

1. Babysitting

Childcare can be difficult to come by on weekends. But sometimes, parents need a break and want a night out without their kids in tow. If you're willing to give up a Friday or Saturday night, you could make pretty good money babysitting. Sites like Care.com allow you to create a profile so local families can find you. Just be prepared to provide references.

2. Caring for pets

Sometimes people go away for a weekend or have obligations that keep them far from home for many hours at a time. You may have an opportunity to pick up some local pet-sitting gigs. If you sign up for a site like Rover, people in your area should have an easy time finding you when they need assistance with things like dog-walking, feeding their pets, or even providing the occasional weekend of full-time care.

3. Working retail

These days, many businesses are struggling to hire, so you may have a pretty easy time picking up weekend shifts at a local store in your area. You may especially want to focus on applying for shifts at a supermarket or hardware store, as both tend to be busy on weekends.

4. Driving for a ride-hailing service

The great thing about driving passengers around for money is that you can do so when it's convenient for you. If your weekday schedule doesn't allow you to work nights, carve out some time on the weekends to shuttle passengers to and from the nearest airport, or wherever it is they need to go. You may also, depending on where you live, have more luck getting fares on Friday or Saturday nights, when people want to go out and have a safer way to get home after drinking.

5. Any gig that only requires a laptop and internet connection

There are many side hustles you can do from the comfort of home that require nothing more than a computer and access to the internet. These include writing, editing, data entry, web design, and marketing work. If you're willing to put in some time on the weekends, these are gigs you can do at your own pace (provided you meet your clients' deadlines).

When you work full-time, it's difficult to carve out hours for a side hustle. But if your only opportunity to take on a side gig is over the weekend, fear not. As you can see, there are plenty of options for earning extra money, and having that additional cash could help your finances improve significantly.

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