5 Side Hustles You Can Do While You're on Vacation

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  • You don't have to put your side hustle on hold when going away on vacation.
  • There are a number of gigs that can easily be done remotely.

Being away from home doesn't mean you can't boost your income.

The point of taking a vacation is to get a break from the grind and escape everyday stresses. The last thing you might want to think about while taking a vacation is work.

But while you may not want to spend hours plugging away at a job while you're supposed to be getting a break, you may want to maintain your side hustle during that time. Putting in a few hours could give you the income boost you need to enjoy your travels to the max. Here are five side gigs that can easily be done even when you're far from home.

1. Writing and editing web content

All you really need to write and edit web content is a reliable internet connection and a computer -- and it doesn't necessarily have to be yours. If you're able to line up a writing or editing gig, it's something you might easily manage to do at night when you're relaxing in your hotel room or hanging out at your hotel's business center.

2. Designing websites

Web design can be very creative work -- something you actually enjoy. It may serve as a nice source of downtime while you're busy vacationing. After a day of hiking or sightseeing, it might feel good to return to your home base, whether it's a rental home or a hotel, and spend an hour playing around with different designs -- while getting paid to do so.

3. Doing online marketing work

A lot of people have success with affiliate marketing, whether it's through their own blogs or other people's. With affiliate marketing, you basically drive sales to different websites and earn commissions when you do. It's the sort of thing you can set up and then maintain, so if you're traveling, you can do light follow-up work to keep that income stream going.

4. Tutoring online

Tutoring was once the sort of gig that traditionally took place in person. But the pandemic taught a lot of people how to work and learn remotely. And so now, you may be able to line up online tutoring gigs that you're able to participate in, even when you're traveling.

5. House-sitting at your destination

House-sitting can be a pretty easy way to boost your income without having to do a ton of work. Often, house-sitting simply means looking after someone's property, taking in mail and packages, and doing light housekeeping tasks. If you manage to score a house-sitting gig while on vacation, you might benefit in two ways -- the extra income, plus potentially not having to pay for a short-term rental or hotel, since many house-sitters live at their clients' homes while working those gigs.

If you're taking a quick vacation and don't want to work at all during it, go for it. But if you're taking a longer trip, you may want to consider putting in a little time at a side hustle to score extra cash and make it easier to pay off your credit cards once you're back. All of these gigs can easily be done from afar, and they could help you avoid financial stress and debt in the course of your travels.

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