5 Ways Parents Can Make the Most of a Sam's Club Membership

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  • Sam's Club offers parents an opportunity to save on kid essentials like apparel and snacks.
  • You can also save on travel and sporting events when you make your plan or buy tickets through Sam's Club.

Raising children is expensive. Even if you do your best to keep your costs down, you might inevitably find that money is tight regardless. But a Sam's Club membership can help you stretch your budget so you don't have to skimp on essentials.

Now, you may already be aware that buying groceries and household staples at Sam's Club can result in a nice amount of savings. But if you're a parent, you may want to make these specific moves that really allow you to maximize your membership.

1. Buy snacks in bulk

Kids love their snacks. You can even argue that kids need their snacks since their little bellies tend to empty pretty quickly. Plus, it's common for teachers to request that parents send a daily snack to school for younger kids who need the mid-day fuel.

Sam's Club can come to your rescue with its bulk snack offerings. A variety pack of Nabisco cookie and cracker pouches, for example, costs just $13.98 online, or $0.35 per pouch. And you might find an even lower price at your local warehouse club store.

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2. Look for markdowns on clothing

Retailers tend to mark down the price of clothing as the season it's made for comes to an end. So in late August or early September, you might find tank tops and swimsuits on sale. And in March or April, you might find winter jackets and accessories at an even lower price. Make sure to visit your local Sam's Club after the season so you can stock up on children's clothing for that same season the following year.

3. Buy low-cost birthday cake

Hosting birthday parties for your kids can be a pricey endeavor. But you can save money on cake or cupcakes by visiting your local Sam's Club bakery. A half-sheet chocolate chip cookie cake might cost you as little as $18.98, while a 30-pack of cupcakes might cost you as little as $15.98.

4. Save money on your next family vacation

Travel can get expensive for families, especially if you have multiple children whose costs you need to cover. That's why it pays to use Sam's Club travel services. Not only can you score discounts on airfare and lodging, but you can snag tickets to popular theme parks like Disney World at a discounted rate.

5. Save big on sporting events

Cheering on your favorite team is a great way to bond as a family. But taking kids out to the ballgame isn't the same low-cost prospect it may have been back in the day. Sam's Club offers discounted tickets to sporting events that include baseball games, football games, and hockey match-ups. And if you're tired of holiday clutter, you may want to consider getting tickets to a sporting event over exchanging physical gifts this year.

It's not easy to raise a family, especially given living costs today. That's why it pays to do what you can to put your Sam's Club membership to good use. These moves could save you a bundle on kid-related costs so you're able to tend to your children's needs and make memories with fewer financial worries.

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