5 Ways to Get More Value Out of the Target Circle Rewards Program

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  • You can use the Target Circle Rewards program to earn cash back rewards and spend less money on your next Target haul.
  • Find out how to clip coupon offers, earn cash back rewards, and get the most value from this free program.

Learn how to earn cash back and get discounts the next time you shop at Target.

Target is a popular retailer, and for a good reason. The brand sells various products, has many locations, and offers in-store and online shopping. If you find yourself in the Target checkout line often, you want to make sure you're maximizing your savings.

If you're not yet using the Target Circle Rewards program, you're missing out on money-saving opportunities. It's easy and free to join this loyalty program. Here are five ways to get more value from the Target Circle Rewards program.

1. Scan your Target Circle Rewards barcode to earn 1%

As a Target Circle Rewards member, you'll have a unique barcode that can be scanned during the checkout process. You can find your barcode in the Target mobile app. Another option is to enter your phone number on the keypad at checkout.

Scanning your barcode will activate any coupons or deals you've added to your account and allow you to earn 1% cash back on eligible purchases. You can redeem your cash back earnings to lower your balance the next time you shop at Target.

2. Clip offers to save money

The Target mobile app has virtual coupons called offers. To activate and use these offers, click "+ save offer." When you scan your barcode at checkout, eligible discounts will be applied.

Before heading to the store, it's a good idea to quickly scan the Target mobile app for offers to see if you can spend less money. You can even let the current offers guide you while making your shopping list.

Looking to maximize your savings? You can use one paper or digital manufacturer coupon per item when also using a Target Circle offer. You might also consider using cash back apps to earn extra rewards.

3. Get a 5% discount on your birthday

When you sign up for a Target Circle Rewards account, make sure to add your birthday. Target will send you a birthday offer during your birthday month. You can expect to receive a 5%-off discount offer. An easy way to maximize the 5% discount is to use it on a bigger Target haul, so you save as much money as possible.

4. Earn free gift cards

Target regularly promotes gift card deals in its mobile app. When you make eligible purchases, you can earn a free gift card. You can use these gift cards on future Target shopping trips. If you're already planning to buy eligible items, this is a great way to get a free gift card.

I saw this recent gift card offer in the app: "Free $15 gift card with $50 select household essentials purchase."

It's good practice to review the offer details, exclusions, and expiration dates for all free gift card offers to avoid missing out.

5. Activate Target Circle bonuses for extra rewards

Target also has Target Circle Bonus opportunities. When these offers pop up, activate them to earn bonus rewards. If you meet the offer requirements and spending threshold, you'll earn Target Circle Rewards. You can apply your rewards to future purchases.

I saw this recent Target Circle Bonus in the app: "Make three qualifying purchases of $50 or more to earn a $25 reward."

Again, pay attention to offer details, exclusions, and expiration dates for Target Circle Bonus opportunities.

The Target Circle Rewards program provides many opportunities for shoppers to earn rewards and spend less money while spending at Target. These tips will help you maximize the value of this free rewards program.

Shopping at Target with rewards credit cards

You may be wondering if it makes sense to get and use a Target RedCard™. You'll receive a 5% discount on eligible Target purchases when you use this card. If you're a Target loyalist, it might be worthwhile

However, when you use this credit card, you won't be eligible to earn 1% back in rewards through the Target Circle Rewards program.

If you want to earn credit card rewards and get 1% cash back through the Target Circle Rewards program, you may want to use a different credit card to pay for your Target purchases.

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