5 Ways to Pay Less for Spotify

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  • If you're using Spotify Premium, you're likely paying a $9.99 monthly subscription fee.
  • Here are a few ways to continue using this music streaming service while keeping more money in your bank account.

These money-saving tips could help you stay on budget without giving up Spotify.

You may be paying to use a music streaming app to listen to your favorite tunes. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services -- but the company's ad-free premium plan comes at a cost. Are you looking for a way to spend less money to use this service? Find out how to save money on a Spotify subscription.

1. Downgrade to Spotify Free

One easy way to eliminate the cost associated with your streaming music subscription is to downgrade to a Spotify Free plan. This plan costs $0. However, it has some limitations.

The most notable difference is that this plan is ad-supported. Additionally, you won't be able to download music for offline listening. You'll only be able to listen to music when you're online.

If these limitations aren't an issue, Spotify Free could allow you to keep more money in your bank account.

2. Subscribe to Spotify Premium Student

If you're a college student, make sure that you take advantage of the Spotify Premium Student plan. If eligible, you'll get Spotify Premium for 50% off. Since the monthly price is only $4.99, you'll save $5 every month.

In addition to Spotify Premium, you'll also get access to Hulu (with ads) and Showtime. This plan could help you eliminate other streaming service bills.

Students can access this plan for up to four years, but you'll need to verify that you're a student every 12 months to get this discount.

3. Split the cost of Premium Duo with a roommate or partner

Spotify offers its Premium Duo plan, which can be shared by two people living in the same household. This plan is a great money-saving option for roommates or partners. You'll pay one set price with this plan, but you'll each have your own account to access music.

An individual Spotify Premium account costs $9.99 monthly, but Premium Duo costs $12.99 monthly. That's less than $7 per person and cheaper than paying for two individual plans.

4. Share the cost of a Spotify Premium Family plan

Another option is to subscribe to the Spotify Premium Family plan. This plan is available for up to six people living in one household -- meaning you could split the subscription with up to five other people.

Everyone will have a personal account linked to one paid plan, to listen to ad-free music and enjoy offline and online music access. Spotify Premium Family also includes parental tools for kid-friendly listening.

This plan costs $15.99 monthly. Let's imagine you have three roommates, and all four of you split the cost of Spotify Premium Family. That's about $4 per user every month, which is much more affordable than having everyone pay $9.99 monthly for an individual account.

5. Take advantage of free trials

Spotify officially offers all of its paid plans for free for one month when you sign up as a new user. If you're thinking of upgrading to Spotify Premium, a free trial is an excellent way to give the paid plan a try before committing to the monthly price.

But there are other ways to get an extended free trial period of Spotify Premium.

Here are some options:

  • Sign up for Spotify Premium with PayPal and get three months free.
  • Walmart+ members can access Spotify Premium for free for six months.
  • Get a free three-month trial of Spotify Premium when buying an eligible Samsung phone.

If you want to spend less money on Spotify and aren't ready to change your music streaming habits, the above methods may help you lower your streaming service bill.

Looking for other ways to save money on your favorite streaming service apps? We recently outlined some discounted streaming service bundles that could help you spend less.

Every little bit of savings adds up. As you make small changes in your life to lessen your expenses, you can set yourself up to reach your personal finance goals sooner.

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