5 Ways to Save $100 in November

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  • A small boost to your savings could go a long way right now.
  • Cutting back on a few key expenses could leave you with a higher balance. 
  • Try cooking more at home, making your own coffee, and cancel streaming services you're not watching. 

There are steps you can take to give your savings a nice lift this month.

At this point, a lot of people are worried about a recession striking in 2023. As such, they're taking steps to pump more money into their savings accounts

But that's not an easy thing to do when inflation is still rampant. And you may unfortunately be in a position where you're still spending a lot more money than usual on everything from gas to utility bills.

The good news, though, is that even a small increase to your savings could come in handy if economic conditions worsen in the new year. And if you follow these tips, you might manage to close out November $100 richer.

1. Skip those takeout orders

Takeout may be tasty and convenient, but it's also a lot more expensive than buying groceries and cooking your meals at home. If you're willing to skip out on takeout for a few weeks, you can bank the difference -- and perhaps discover creative new recipes you enjoy cooking as well as eating. 

2. Swap meal delivery kits for groceries

Meal delivery kits tend to be less expensive than takeout. But they can still be more expensive than purchasing food at the supermarket. And so if you're eager to save some money this month, you may want to pause an ongoing meal service and stick to store-bought ingredients.

3. Make your own coffee

Is store-bought coffee superior to the cup you might brew at home? It could be -- especially if you're the type who enjoys vanilla mocha lattes or other such concoctions. But if you're willing to stick to run-of-the-mill coffee at home, you can bank a nice amount of money in the course of a month -- and use it to pad your savings.

4. Dump cable and streaming services you don't really watch

It's nice to have access to different content so you can escape the grim reality that is sometimes life. But if you currently pay for cable and rarely watch it, or have a streaming service you don't use often, dumping those expenses could do a lot for your savings. Plus, once you get rid of them, you may be more motivated to explore other types of entertainment --  like borrowing books from your local library and doing more reading.

5. Stick to free entertainment outside your home

Unless you're a homebody, you probably enjoy socializing outside the home and engaging in different activities. But you don't necessarily have to spend money to stay entertained. You can round up friends for some weekend hikes this month instead of whipping out your credit card to charge movie tickets. The savings there could really add up.

Will boosting your savings by $100 change your life? Chances are, no. But it never hurts to give your savings a boost at a time when recession warnings seem to be stuck on repeat. And if you're willing to make some or all of these moves, you may find yourself $100 richer by the time November comes to a close.

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