7 Ways to Get More Value Out of Your Costco Membership

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  • Costco makes it easy to stock up on household staples without spending a lot.
  • Your membership also comes with lesser-known services that could result in big savings.

Here's how to eke out extra savings at Costco.

If you're new to Costco, or if you don't tend to shop there often, then you may be missing out on a host of perks your annual membership can buy you. Here are seven ways to get more for your money.

1. Fill up your car when you go to shop

Many Costco locations have gas stations where you can fill up your car before or after you shop. Given the way gas prices are soaring, it pays to fill up at Costco, because you'll usually find a lower price per gallon than what most gas stations are charging.

2. Book a vacation

Costco offers a host of travel services that could help you save money on things like cruises and all-inclusive resorts. If you've been saving up for a getaway, it pays to see what packages Costco has available. You'll also benefit by being able to talk to a Costco travel consultant and ask questions about different itineraries.

3. Purchase eyeglasses

New glasses can be expensive. If you have a Costco membership, it could pay to buy your glasses there. You might save money and enjoy a relatively quick turnaround on your new specs.

4. Fill prescriptions

You may turn to Costco when you're running low on over-the-counter medications. But most Costco locations have an on-site pharmacy where you can fill prescriptions as well. And you might, depending on the medications you need, enjoy lower prices than what you'll find at another pharmacy.

5. Sample products before you buy

Some people waste money in the course of their food shopping by taking a chance on new products and realizing they're not appealing after the fact. But you don't have to fall into that trap at Costco. You'll frequently find samples of different products you can try out before you commit to buying in bulk.

6. Get your car serviced

Some Costco locations have an auto service center on site. While you may not be able to get your car fully serviced, you generally can use Costco's auto center to do things like replace your tires or buy a new battery for your car -- and at a lower price point than what most mechanics in town will charge you.

7. Buy lunch before you leave

In most situations, it's cheaper to prepare a meal at home than it is to buy it outside the house. But the one exception may be Costco's famous $1.50 hot dog and soda combination. That price point hasn't changed in decades, making it one of the most affordable meals you can find on the go. And to be clear, this isn't your average hot dog we're talking about -- it's massive, just like you'd expect from Costco.

Your Costco membership could end up saving you lots of money -- especially if you do your shopping with a credit card that rewards you generously for the purchases you make. Be sure to take advantage of these Costco services to really eke more value out of your membership.

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