72% of Workers Are Struggling to Find the Right Side Hustle. 3 Tips for Narrowing Down Your Choices

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  • If you're going to work a second job, it needs to fit into your lifestyle and help you meet your income goals.
  • Taking a realistic look at your personality and schedule are important for finding the right gig.

Here's how to find the ideal side gig for you.

There are plenty of good reasons to supplement your income with a side hustle. That extra money help you meet a specific financial goal like boosting your savings account balance, paying off credit card debt, or purchasing your first home. In addition, it might also buy you more flexibility when it comes to everyday spending.

But pinpointing the ideal side hustle can be tough. You don't want to take a gig that won't pay enough or that will eat up every free hour in your week. You also don't want to hate the work itself.

A good 72% of people who want a side hustle are having a hard time finding the right one, according to a new Monster.com survey. If you're in a similar boat, here's how to land on the ideal gig.

1. Think about your income goals

Maybe you're looking to boost your monthly earnings by $500 or $600. Or maybe all you need is a small income boost.

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Map out some goals so you'll know which side gigs to focus on. If you want to earn hundreds of dollars a month, something consistent like working at a restaurant on weekends or providing regular evening childcare services may be best. If you only need a modest boost, you can try picking up the occasional house-sitting gig or selling homemade jewelry at craft fairs when they roll into town.

2. Be realistic about your schedule and free time

If you work long hours at your main job or have other responsibilities, like caring for young kids, you may need a side hustle you can do from home and at your own convenience. If that's the case, you may want to consider looking at opportunities to design websites, write or edit web content, or work in data entry. On the other hand, if your main job consistently gets out at the same time each day and your evenings are generally free, you may want to pick up a few nighttime shifts at a local retailer.

3. Consider your personality

It's important to find a side hustle that aligns reasonably well with your personality. If you're the more reserved type, you may not want a customer-facing job, like waiting tables at a restaurant or driving for a ride-hailing company. However, if you're outgoing and like meeting new people, you may want to sign up to be a customer service representative or weekend tour guide if you live in a bigger city that sees lots of visitors.

What's the right choice for you?

Finding the right side hustle could spell the difference in succeeding at it. At the same time, it's okay to dabble in different gigs if you're not sure which is the ideal one for you. Your side hustle could end up being something you do for many years, so take the time to set yourself up with a gig that's lucrative, sustainable, and enjoyable.

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