Barbara Corcoran's 3 Best Tips for Growing Your Career

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  • Barbara Corcoran is great at recognizing talent and entrepreneurship.
  • She has some spot-on advice for those looking to move their careers forward.
  • You'll find more success if you learn how to make great first impressions and find the right kinds of professional roles for your skills and personality.

It pays to take her advice to heart.

At some point during your career, you may find that you end up getting stuck in a rut. Maybe you've somehow landed in a job that isn't going anywhere. Or maybe you want to make a career change, but you're not sure how to go about it -- and you're worried about taking a risk.

Even if you don't end up stuck career-wise, you might still have lofty goals for furthering yourself professionally. And to that end, Shark Tank personality Barbara Corcoran has some great advice worth following. Here are three of her top career tips.

1. Make a great first impression when interviewing

The way you conduct yourself during a job interview can spell the difference between receiving an offer or getting a rejection email. Even if you're a great candidate on paper with all of the right experience, if you don't nail the interview, you may not get the job.

To that end, Corcoran insists you'll need to physically present yourself well. That means modeling good posture and making eye contact. Corcoran insists that she forms an impression of job candidates immediately based on these criteria.

She also says it's important to research the company you're interviewing with before an interview. That way, you can ask intelligent questions and engage in a two-way conversation.

Also, Corcoran says it's good to ask questions during a job interview -- as long as you stick to the right ones. Don't ask about things like benefits and time-off policies, says Corcoran, because those types of questions are all about you. Instead, she recommends asking about the company's values and goals.

2. Focus on your strengths

On-the-job success could lead to a higher paycheck -- and a more robust bank account balance. But to be successful, Corcoran says, you need to play into your strengths.

Corcoran says there are two kinds of workers -- expanders and containers. Expanders have high levels of energy and are good at being persuasive. Containers, on the other hand, thrive on taking control of situations and anticipating challenges and business needs. Once you determine which category you fall into, you can find a job that lets you build on those strengths.

3. Earn promotions by boosting your skills

Some people feel they're entitled to promotions because they've put in a certain amount of time on the job. But Corcoran insists that's not enough. Rather than demand a promotion, you'll need to earn one by boosting your skills before you ask and proving that you're worthy of more responsibilities.

Along these lines, Corcoran says you shouldn't wait for promotions to be offered to you. Often, she insists, if you don't ask, you won't get.

Great advice to keep in mind

No matter what stage of your career you're in, it pays to listen to Corcoran's words of wisdom if your goal is to keep growing professionally. Not only might that work wonders for your finances, but it could lead to a series of jobs that are more fulfilling and meaningful to you.

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