Burned Through Your Stimulus Check? Here's How to Bring in More Money

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If you're all out of stimulus funds, here are some other options.

The last stimulus check that hit Americans' bank accounts came through in March (though some people got their money later than that), and at this point, it's looking less likely that there will be a fourth stimulus payment. If you've already spent your stimulus but need money, worry not. You have other options for boosting your income or getting your hands on extra cash.

1. Get a side hustle

The gig economy is loaded with opportunities to earn extra money on top of your main job. If you're willing and able to put in the time, the right side hustle could boost your income.

To figure out what side gig is right for you, think about your schedule. Can you commit to preset hours or do you need more flexibility? If it's the latter, you may want to look at options like driving for a ride-sharing service or doing data entry from home. If you're able to lock yourself into a schedule, you could sign up to walk dogs, babysit, or work at a local business on evenings and weekends. And that way, your side earnings may be more consistent.

2. Build skills at your main job

Boosting your job skills and taking on more responsibility won't guarantee you a raise -- but it could set the stage for one.

There are several steps you can take to grow your skills. First, observe the people you work with and ask for pointers from those with more experience. Next, look into courses you can take that will teach you relevant skills that help at your job.

Additionally, it could work to your benefit to take more initiative at work. Volunteer for a project no one else seems to want, or offer to pick up the slack when your team is short-staffed. Your manager may reward you with more money.

3. Get cash for the items you no longer use

You probably have clothing, electronics, kitchen gadgets, or other items lying around your house that you can easily part with. Rather than throw them out, try selling them.

You can start by listing the items you have for sale on your social media page or on local town pages to see if you find any takers. If not, you may need to fall back on sites like eBay for smaller items that will be economical to ship. (If you have to spend $10 to ship something you're getting paid $100 for, it's probably worth it.)

You can also host a classic yard sale outside your home and sell your items that way. To prepare, advertise around the neighborhood as much as you can. (Some local businesses may let you put up flyers.) Or see if you're allowed to post about your sale on your town's social media pages.

At this point, the money you got from your last stimulus check may be long gone. But that doesn't mean you can't find a way to boost your cash flow and enjoy the flexibility of having more money at your disposal.

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