Could Buying Ugly Produce Save You Money?

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  • Buying fresh fruit and vegetables at the grocery store can be costly due to inflation and higher-than-normal prices.
  • Getting ugly produce delivered to your home could help you lower your grocery bill.

Ugly produce may be slightly imperfect-looking, but it could cost you less money.

Whether you've been buying produce, meat, cheese, or other essentials, grocery store prices are high. Many families seek ways to stretch their money further while filling their fridges. When it comes to fruit and vegetable purchases, it may be worthwhile to explore buying through an ugly produce company. Doing so could save you money.

You may be wondering, what is ugly produce? Most of the fruits and vegetables you see at your local grocery store look attractive and blemish-free. But you pay premium prices for it.

On the other hand, ugly produce may have visible imperfections but is still perfectly safe to consume. Grocery stores usually don't want to display such produce. For this reason, companies sell ugly produce at a discounted price directly to consumers.

If your family eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, you may be able to save money by purchasing your produce through these companies.

Ugly produce companies are on the rise

These companies have gained more popularity in recent years. Some examples of companies that sell ugly produce include Hungry Harvest, Imperfect Foods, and Misfits Markets. While they don't deliver everywhere, these brands deliver to many parts of the United States.

In addition to selling ugly produce, some companies sell other food goods. You may be wondering how these programs work.

Typically, they function as a subscription service. You decide on how much produce you want to receive each order and how frequently you want to get deliveries to your home (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), and then you pay a set price depending on those factors.

For example, a full veggie harvest box through Hungry Harvest costs $30. The brand notes that this box serves 3 to 5 people and includes enough veggies to cook 4 to 7 times a week. In this box, customers can expect 1 to 3 types of greens and 4 to 9 types of veggies.

Remember, these companies may charge shipping fees, but you can usually get free shopping if you meet a set order minimum.

Could you lower your grocery bill?

Could you save money by purchasing ugly produce? It depends on how much produce you eat and the prices at your local grocery store. Seeing if any ugly produce companies deliver to your area may be worthwhile.

Before ordering, research the brand's pricing structure and calculate how much money it would cost to get fruit and vegetables delivered to your home vs. buying them at the grocery store.

These services may not be cost-saving for smaller households due to order minimums and shipping costs. But if you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in your household, buying ugly produce may help you keep more money in your bank account.

Other ways to save money on produce

Are you looking for other ways to save money on produce?

Another option is to join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to get fresh, local fruit and vegetables, or you could purchase produce at local farmer's markets. These alternatives allow you to support local farms while saving money.

Of course, these options are usually only available seasonally. Check out what options are available in your community to see if you can trim the cost of your grocery spending. The grocery store isn't the only place to buy produce.

If you're looking for other ways to save money in your daily life, check out these personal finance resources.

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