First-Class USPS Stamp Prices Will Increase in January 2023

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  • USPS First-Class mail prices will rise on Jan. 22, 2023.
  • Find out what you need to know to prepare for the extra expense.

Soon, a Forever Stamp will cost $0.63.

The United States Post Office (USPS) recently announced upcoming postage rate increases that will happen in the new year. If you send First-Class mail, like letters and postcards, even occasionally, you'll want to know what to expect so your mail makes it to its destination.

According to USPS, these increases will help combat rising operational costs. The most recent First-Class mail price increase happened on July 10, 2022. Soon, prices will rise again.

Price increases range from $0.03 to $0.05, depending on the product. The price increases will begin on Jan. 22, 2023.

Here's a breakdown of the expected price changes:

Product Current Price New Price as of Jan. 22, 2023
Letters (1 oz.) $0.60 $0.63
Letters (metered, 1 oz.) $0.57 $0.60
Domestic postcards $0.44 $0.48
International postcards $1.40 $1.45
International letters (1 oz.) $.140 $1.45

Not all prices are rising. Single-piece letter prices will stay the same at $0.24. The additional-ounce price will also remain at $0.24.

What about Forever Stamps?

If you have existing First-Class Forever Stamps that you have yet to use, you can continue to use them after the price increase goes into place.

When you buy Forever Stamps, which you can use to mail 1 oz. domestic letters, you're protected against future price increases. However, you'll be charged more for Forever Stamps if you purchase them on or after Jan. 22, 2023.

Will these price increases impact your finances?

Since the price increases are small, these changes likely won't feel significant. Those who send mail often will feel the impact the most. But no matter how frequently or infrequently you send mail, it's worthwhile to be in the know, so you aren't surprised.

If you're running low on stamps and want to avoid paying more for stamps next year, you can purchase Forever Stamps now and can lock in the current $0.60 per stamp price. You can buy postage stamps online at or at your local post office.

How to save money when mailing packages

There's not much you can do about postage stamp rate increases. But if you're strategic, you may be able to save money when mailing packages through USPS. Try these hacks before you next head to the post office:

Don't forget about media mail: Using media mail shipping to send educational materials through USPS can save you money. This is a cost-effective way of mailing eligible items like books, printed music, CDs, and manuscripts. Prices begin at $3.49 (1 lb.). However, media mail packages move slower, so only use this option if you're not in a hurry.

Reuse boxes and packages: An easy way to save money when mailing gifts is to reuse boxes and packages you already have instead of spending money on new boxes. First, get rid of any barcodes or previous address details. It's also not a bad idea to add some extra tape to ensure the package is secure.

Give flat-rate boxes a try: Another way to keep more money in your bank account is to use flat-rate boxes provided by USPS. These boxes are free. You'll pay a flat-rate price to mail your package. This is a good option for heavier packages, as long as you stay within the required weight and size limits.

Unfortunately, price increases are now the norm for us all. Check out our personal finance resources to learn how to save more money and improve your financial situation.

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