Have You Set Up a Pet Profile on Amazon? Here’s Why You Should

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  • Amazon sells a host of pet products at reasonable prices.
  • Setting up a pet profile could introduce you to different products and offers.
  • You may find new ways to save money on pet supplies. 

It's something you might benefit from greatly.

Owning a pet is hardly an inexpensive prospect, and you'll need to have a decent chunk of money in a savings account before adopting one. In fact, the ASPCA estimates that the average annual cost to own a dog is $1,391, while the average yearly cost to own a cat is $1,149 when you factor in expenses like food and pet insurance.

And this assumes your pets don't have any health issues or specialized needs. If so, your costs could easily be double or triple.

That's why it's important to do what you can to save money on pet care. And one good way is to shop for food and supplies strategically.

Meanwhile, Amazon could be a great source for affordable pet care products. And now, the online retail giant makes it even easier to buy the things you need for your pet. 

It pays to set up a profile for your pet

You may have a go-to list of pet food items and other products you buy regularly. You could always plug those products into an Amazon search and see what comes up. But spending a few minutes to set up a pet profile on Amazon could really work to your benefit.

Once you create your pet profile, Amazon will spit back a list of deals and product recommendations for your pet. And that might open the door to savings.

You might, for example, get a list of pet food and realize the food you've been buying is overpriced compared to similar brands. So if your pet doesn't have special dietary restrictions or needs, you may be inclined to make a switch -- and reap some nice savings in the process.

Meanwhile, Amazon's pet profiles aren't just limited to dogs and cats. You can also set one up for a bird, reptile, horse, fish, or small animal.

The details you'll need to provide will hinge on what type of animal you have. For a dog, you'll be asked to list its name, age, and breed. So if you have a large dog, you may get recommendations for popular food brands for large breeds, as well as toys that are more resistant to strong teeth. 

See what's out there

Even if you think you have your pet care and feeding routine down pat, it never hurts to see what other product options might be available to you. Setting up a pet profile on Amazon takes just a few minutes, but you might enjoy a host of deals once you take that step. And that could pave the way to saving a little money on pet care at a time when just about everything has gotten so unbelievably expensive.

Along these lines, if you commonly buy pet food and supplies at a local store, ordering them on Amazon could save you the hassle of having to lug large bags across town and to your door. So on top of the savings you might reap by purchasing these items on Amazon, you might spare yourself a sore back or shoulder -- which is important when you need to preserve all your energy for walking or chasing a pet around.

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