Here Is How Much 7 Commonly Prescribed Drugs Cost Through Mark Cuban's Online Pharmacy

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  • Mark Cuban's online pharmacy offers significant savings to patients who rely on prescription medications. 
  • Find out how much seven commonly prescribed drugs cost through this money-saving company to see if you can save too. 

Could you save money by getting your prescription drugs through the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company? It's likely.

In the United States, it's unfortunately not uncommon to pay high healthcare costs -- including high prices for prescription medications. Many Americans are looking for alternate ways to buy their prescription drugs without spending more than they can afford. 

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company is one solution helping patients save money on prescription costs. Are you looking to trim your prescription drug spending? Find out how much seven commonly prescribed drugs cost through Mark Cuban's online pharmacy. 

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company sells hundreds of prescription medications, many of which are generics. For many Americans, the prices offered through this online pharmacy are much cheaper than what they'd pay at a traditional retail pharmacy.

How does it work? The company works directly with drug manufacturers, allowing them to get better deals on pricing. The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company then adds a 15% markup and an affordable shipping and labor fee. 

Customers can save a significant amount of money this way. 

These prescriptions cost less through Mark Cuban's online pharmacy 

So, how much money can you save by switching to Mark Cuban's online pharmacy? We researched for you. Look at the prices below to see if your bank account can benefit from switching where you purchase your medicine. 

Here are seven commonly prescribed prescription medications and the savings offered to those who order through the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company: 

1. Albuterol 

Many asthmatics are prescribed inhalers. A 90 mcg Albuterol inhaler, which is generic for Proventil, costs $21.91 through the online pharmacy. You can expect to pay $49.09 for this prescription at retail pharmacies.

Total savings: $27.18 

2. Lisinopril 

Lisinopril, a generic for Prinivil, is typically prescribed to treat high blood pressure. A 30-count prescription of 10 mg Lisinopril costs $3.90 through this cost-saving company. Patients can expect to pay $33.90 for the same dose through a retail pharmacy. 

Total savings: $30 

3. Atorvastatin 

Atorvastatin is a generic statin drug alternative to Lipitor, often prescribed to treat high cholesterol. A 30-count 10 mg prescription is priced at $3.60 through this online program. Patients can expect to pay $55.20 for the same drug at a regular pharmacy. 

Total savings: $51.60 

4. Metformin

Metformin, a generic drug alternative to Glucophage, is a commonly prescribed medication used to treat type-2 diabetes. A 30-count 500 mg prescription costs $3.90 through this online pharmacy. The typical cost for the same drug at a retail pharmacy is $20.10. 

Total savings: $16.20 

5. Levothyroxine 

Levothyroxine is a generic prescription option for patients prescribed Synthroid. Patients take this drug to treat hypothyroidism. The price for a 30-count 25 mcg prescription is $4.20, compared to the typical retail drugstore price of $15.90.

Total savings: $11.70 

6. Montelukast Sodium 

Montelukast Sodium, a generic alternative to Singulair, is commonly prescribed to asthmatics and those with allergies. A 30-day supply of 10 mg tablets is $4.20. Patients can expect to pay $170.10 at a retail pharmacy. 

Total savings: $165.90 

7. Escitalopram Oxalate 

Escitalopram Oxalate, the generic drug for Lexapro, is an SSRI medication used to treat anxiety and depression. A 30-count dose of 10 mg pills costs $3.90. Other pharmacies typically charge $47.70 for the same medication. 

Total savings: $43.80 

Could this resource help you save money on medications? 

This online pharmacy could offer significant savings for many Americans, especially those who are uninsured. Those who have been skipping filling their prescriptions to save money may now live safer lives, knowing they can afford their medication. 

If your prescription drug costs are out of control, it may be a good time to check if your medication is offered through Mark Cuban's online pharmacy. If it's not yet available, it may be added in the future. The company adds new prescriptions regularly. 

Another option is to check and see if discounts are available through GoodRx, or you can reach out to the manufacturer directly to check for savings opportunities. 

Are you looking for ways to stretch your budget further and save more money? You're not alone. Review our personal finance resources for tips and guidance. 

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