How to Take Your Side Hustle to the Next Level in 2022

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Want to really rock your side hustle in the new year? Here's how.

Key points

  • Many people have side hustles on top of their main jobs.
  • Here are some steps, including more marketing, you can take to make yours more profitable in 2022.

Some people have held down a side hustle for years, while others may have jumped on the bandwagon more recently. Regardless of when you first got started, if your side hustle has been going well, you may be motivated to keep at it once 2022 arrives. In fact, you may even want to make your side hustle more lucrative in the coming year. Here are three steps you can take to increase your chances of having that happen.

1. Reassess your goals

When you first started working a side hustle, your objective may have been to boost your income by $200 a month to chip away at a nagging credit card balance or give yourself more leeway for leisure spending. But now, you may have loftier goals, like earning $500 or $600 a month to build a nice amount of near-term savings or begin amassing a retirement nest egg. Think about what you hope to achieve in the coming year and use that to guide some of the actions you take, whether it's ramping up your hours or adjusting your rates.

2. Market yourself more aggressively

If your side hustle involves working the cash register at a local store on weekends, there's not much marketing at play. But if your side hustle involves you selling a product or service, then increasing your marketing efforts could result in a lot more clients -- and money. Think about the amount of work you're able to take on, and then start finding ways to expand your client list. That could mean advertising more on social media, around town, or via your network of friends and colleagues.

3. Get hyper-organized

Pulling off a side hustle successfully often boils down to managing your time well. And if you want your side gig to be even more profitable in 2022, then you may need to really work on honing your time management skills.

A good bet is to identify the struggles you may have had this year in that regard and find ways to work around them. Say your side hustle involves designing websites for local businesses. If this past year, you often found yourself scrambling to meet deadlines, that should serve as a wakeup call to implement a better system for 2022 -- especially if you want to grow your client base. That could mean finding a better calendar or tool that helps you stay organized and allocating more hours to your side gig than you think you might need so you have a cushion.

A successful side hustle could be your ticket to meeting different financial goals, whether it's becoming a homeowner after years of renting, getting rid of credit card debt, or buying the new car you've had your eyes on for ages. A thriving side hustle could also help you build important skills that further your career. Take these steps to get more out of your side hustle in the new year -- and give yourself something to really be proud of.

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