How to Use Your Library Card to Rent Household Tools and Other Items for Free

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  • Libraries are a great place to go if you like to read -- but you may be able to use your library card to borrow more than books.
  • Ask or check your library's website to see what you can borrow.
  • Borrowing household tools and other items at your local library could help you stay on track with your financial goals.

Your library card could be used to borrow a leaf blower, board game, air fryer, or even passes to local museums.

Libraries are a great place to go if you want to learn and absorb new information. You can check out books, magazines, movies, music, and audiobooks. But you may be surprised that many public library systems offer much more than books. A library card can be used to borrow a variety of everyday items, helping you keep more money in your bank account by eliminating the need to purchase some items.

What if you could rent a leaf blower or ukulele? It may be possible. Before you make an expensive purchase or buy something you think you'll only use once or a handful of times, check with your library to see if you can use your card to borrow it for free.

Borrow household tools and other items from the library

Each library system is different, and the types of products available to borrow can vary. Some libraries lend items like video games, power tools, air fryers, landscaping equipment, board games, bicycles, and craft essentials. But that's not all.

Many libraries allow library cardholders to borrow musical instruments. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Brooklyn Public Library, and the St. Louis County Library offer this service.

It can be challenging to complete everyday tasks without home internet access in our ever-connected world. The Phoenix Public Library, St. Louis Public Library, and Nashville Public Library are libraries that allow patrons to borrow wi-fi hotspot devices.

Libraries can also help you have fun experiences. These days, many experiences come with a high price tag. But that may not be the case if you have a library card. You may be able to borrow a local museum pass, making for an admission-free visit. The King County Library, Garden City Public Library, and The Oak Park Public Library allow patrons to check out museum passes.

Don't ignore your public library

Libraries have books -- but they also offer much more. They provide valuable resources to help members of the community. So what could your library do for you? If you have a library card in hand, the possibilities are endless.

You can take care of essential household projects by renting gardening equipment and power tools without spending more than you need to at your local home improvement store.

You can try out a new hobby before committing to pricey supplies by using your library card to check out the items that you need.

You can plan a game night with friends with video games, board games, and puzzles -- allowing you to have fun without breaking your budget.

Your library may offer more resources than you realize. If you're interested in learning about what non-book items you can borrow, check with your local library to learn more. Using your library card to its full potential can help you stay on track with your personal finance goals, reduce excess clutter in your home, and make it easier to try new things.

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