I Made 105 Amazon Orders in 2022. Here's Why I'm OK With That

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  • Amazon Prime offers fast shipping on most items, with no minimum purchase.
  • Shopping at Amazon in 2022 gave me the chance to earn more money by giving me more time to work.
  • I was also able to send care packages to friends all over the country, and find a greater variety of pet supplies than what's available at my local stores.

It made my life easier in many ways.

I've long been a fan of online shopping, and I rely on more than one credit card that offers special opportunities to earn cash back. One of the sites I shop most often is Amazon, and I've been a Prime member since 2015, so I can take advantage of free fast shipping on most items, with no order minimum. It's incredibly convenient.

In 2022, I made more orders than ever -- 105, to be exact. If you do the math, that comes out to an average of two Amazon orders per week. For many people, this might be a sign that they need an online shopping intervention. Not me, though, and here's why.

It saved me money in multiple ways

While Amazon is many people's go-to for a variety of items, it may not actually be the cheapest place to buy those items. But you really can't beat Amazon for convenience, especially if you have a Prime membership and can count on fast free shipping.

I buy some household products, like paper towels, at Amazon regularly, and not only can I get a large package of them for less money than I'd spend at the grocery store, I can also save money by not having to physically shop for them in person during the time I could be working. I'm a freelancer, so I like to maximize the time I can spend working, rather than running errands.

Another way Amazon shopping saved me money was via the particular items I bought. I like to cook big batches of soups and stews, and freeze portions of my leftovers to have for future meals. Amazon is where I buy the takeout containers that allow me to do that, and eat for less money. It's also where I got my supply of plastic sheeting for my apartment's ancient leaky windows -- by covering them with plastic in the fall and leaving it up until spring, I save a ton of money on my heating bills.

It made me a better pet owner

Having pets certainly isn't cheap, but the love and companionship my three spoiled cats provide makes it worth the money I spend on them. While I also shop at Chewy and a few big-box retailers for pet supplies, Amazon has really become my go-to for cat food and other pet items. In fact, it helped me give the cats a better life in 2022 by giving me access to a wider variety of toys and other necessary items than I'd find at any other retailer. My youngest cat in particular must be kept busy with toys, or he will make his boredom and displeasure known. Since we got new toys frequently, he remained entertained throughout the year.

It let me care for others

Thanks to spending my adulthood moving around so frequently, I now have a network of friends all over the country. Amazon made it easy and convenient to send them items they needed, plus I didn't have to pay for shipping thanks to my Prime membership. One friend had surgery and created an Amazon Wish List for items to make her recovery easier, so I sent her a few gifts from it. Another friend was laid off from her job in 2022, and she's a fellow cat owner, so I sent her some toys and treats for her cat, as money was suddenly tight for her.

It helped me improve my own life

Finally, Amazon shopping made my own life better in 2022. I made some "frivolous purchases" for my home, including new dishes and new wine glasses. I replaced my workout sneakers, which were falling apart (Pro tip: Amazon can be a great place to buy clothes and shoes if you already know what size you are with a particular brand). And despite saying I wasn't going to shop on Prime Day in July 2022, I caved and got a great deal on a new e-reader that I use every single day. Money well spent.

Many people have a go-to retailer where they give their credit card a workout. Mine was definitely Amazon in 2022, and while making 105 orders sounds like a lot, I think it was worth it.

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