It's Getting Easier to Score (Some) Free Drinks at Dunkin'

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  • Dunkin' is replacing its DD Perks reward program with a new one called Dunkin' rewards.
  • While some of the new program's features benefit Dunkin' fans, others work against them.
  • It'll take a lot more points to get free fancy coffee drinks. 

The coffee giant's new rewards program is a bit of a mixed bag.

Purchasing store-bought coffee on a regular basis can get expensive. But if it's a must-have for you, then it's easy to see why you might choose to stretch your budget to frequent your favorite coffee chain.

If you're a Dunkin' fan, the good news is that frequent visits to your local store could also result in free drinks -- that is, if you're a member of Dunkin's rewards program. But the program you're used to is now changing, and while some of its new rules might benefit you, others might be a source of frustration.

Introducing Dunkin' rewards

Dunkin' fans may be used to a rewards program called DD Perks. Now that program is being phased out and replaced by Dunkin' rewards. 

So let's talk about the benefits of the new program. For one thing, it's easier to rack up reward points on your purchases. Under the old rewards program, you'd be eligible for five points per $1 spent at Dunkin'. Under the new rewards program, $1 spent at Dunkin' will score you 10 points.

What's more, under the old program, you needed to rack up 200 points to use points to cover a purchase. Under the new program, you only need 150 points. Plus, your points can be used for food purchases. And if you visit a Dunkin' at least 12 times within the same calendar year, you can score even more points and access new benefits. 

Sounds good so far, right? Well, here's where the new rewards program loses points (pun intended). With Dunkin' rewards, you need to rack up 700 points to get a free cold brew, cold brew with cold foam, Dunkin' refresher, or hot or iced espresso beverage. And it will take a whopping 900 points to score a free frozen drink or hot or iced signature latte. That's a far cry from the old system, which let you get any free drink for only 200 points. 

Are you a fan of the new system?

You may be a fan of Dunkin' in general. But your thoughts on the new rewards program may be mixed. 

That said, if you're not big on fancy coffee, then this new setup actually works to your benefit. And the more free coffees you're able to snag, the fewer you'll have to charge on your credit card

If you're a fan of Dunkin's fancier selection, like lattes and cold brews, but money is tight, then you may need to reserve those drinks for special occasions since it will clearly take a lot of points to qualify to get them for free. But don't despair -- as part of its new rewards program, Dunkin' also plans to roll out different targeted offers to enrollees. And you never know if those offers might include discounts on your favorite beverages at different times of the year, day, or month.

All told, you may be happy about these changes to Dunkin's rewards program or not. But either way, that's the way things will now roll, so the more you familiarize yourself with the new rules, the more benefits you can set yourself up to enjoy.

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