Olive Oil in Coffee? Starbucks Introduces New Drink Concept

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  • Starbucks is introducing beverages made with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Olive oil is said to have health benefits that consumers may want to capitalize on.
  • There are ways to get olive oil into your diet without spending money at Starbucks.

It's an interesting combination, to say the least.

Starbucks is known for its unique coffee flavors and blends. From its holiday inspired Peppermint Mocha to its classic fall Pumpkin Spice Latte, the coffee chain commonly infuses different flavors into its products -- and consumers generally seem to take pretty well to them.

But now, Starbucks is introducing a line of coffee made with extra virgin olive oil. (Yes, you read that correctly.) And whether it's a hit or not is really anyone's guess.

A winning combination, or a major bust?

Olive oil is said to offer health benefits. Starbucks is clearly eager to capitalize on that by introducing its Oleato, or olive oil, line.

The new olive oil products will first hit stores in Italy but roll out to California in the spring. The line includes an Oleato latte with oat milk and olive oil, an Oleato ice shaken espresso with oat milk, hazelnut, and olive oil, and an Oleato golden foam cold brew.

The combination of coffee and olive oil is certainly interesting, to say the least. But whether it ends up tempting customers is yet to be determined.

On the one hand, olive oil is known as a healthy fat. On the other hand, diet-conscious consumers may not want a spoonful of fat in their coffee.

And then there's the taste itself to consider. Olive oil has a distinct one. So does coffee. When you put the two together, the results may not appeal to everyone the same way a pump of cinnamon-nutmeg spice wows customers every fall.

A more cost-effective way to get your share of olive oil

Olive-oil-infused coffee might be good for your health. But given Starbucks' price points, repeated trips to your local coffee shop could lead to quite the hefty credit card tab at the end of the month. And if money is tight, or you're trying to boost your savings account, then buying Starbucks coffee is something you should probably do pretty sparingly.

The good news, though, is that it's easy enough to add more olive oil into your diet without putting it in your coffee. All you need to do is seek out recipes that feature it. You can saute vegetables in olive oil, dress your pasta in olive oil, or drizzle olive oil onto a salad in lieu of store-bought dressing that's loaded with sugar, sodium, or both.

And if you're looking to save money on olive oil itself, see if your local Costco has it in bulk. While olive oil doesn't have an unlimited shelf life, if you decide you'll cook with it regularly, you're likely to use up your supply well before it goes bad on you.

All told, you might really enjoy a Starbucks coffee with olive oil once that option hits your local market. But if the idea of combining olive oil with your morning dose of caffeine doesn't sit well with you, there are plenty of other steps you can take to incorporate more olive oil into your diet -- and without stretching your budget to afford those costly Starbucks drinks.

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