Prepare to Pay More at Costco for This Reason

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  • Costco is known for its affordable prices on household staples.
  • While its food court is also competitive price-wise, the cost of some items are going up.

Costco's prices may be low, but they're not immune to increases.

These days, many retailers are raising prices to compensate for the higher cost of procuring goods. And Costco is one of them.

Take a stroll through your local warehouse club store, and you're apt to notice the cost of some of its staple items has risen. Unfortunately, that's just a byproduct of the rampant inflation we're dealing with today.

But Costco has also long prided itself on being a source of value for customers. In fact, there's a reason Costco has not raised the price of its famous $1.50 hot dog and soda food court combo -- it wants customers to be able to enjoy that bargain continually.

But while Costco may not be changing the price tag of its hot dog deal, it is raising prices on other food court items. And if you're a fan of Costco's chicken bake, you'll need to prepare to pay more.

A modest but notable increase

Costco's chicken bake, with a price tag of $2.99, has long been an affordable lunch option. That's changing, though. Recently, a Reddit user posted a picture of the chicken bake at their local Costco being sold for $3.99. That's a pretty substantial increase, percentage-wise.

Meanwhile, the $0.59 soda customers used to be able to buy to wash down that chicken bake is increasing to $0.69.

What other changes are coming?

Costco seems to be leaving its famous $1.50 hot dog meal alone and won't be raising its price. But as for the warehouse club's other products and food court items -- well, let's just say customers shouldn't be shocked to see those prices increase.

In fact, the cost of produce at Costco commonly fluctuates based on factors like item availability and what season it is. So shoppers may want to keep a close watch on these prices. Those who are used to paying, say, $5.99 for a carton of tomatoes might see that cost increase temporarily to $6.99 and then drop back down (or not).

Meanwhile, some Costco fans may be worried about the potential for membership fee hikes. And to be fair, that option is on the table.

Right now, a basic membership costs $60. If Costco were to raise it, it would likely result in a $65 fee. Historically, Costco has raised the cost of membership by $5 every few years, so it won't be surprising to see that happen in the near term, especially in light of rampant inflation.

For those who tend to shop at Costco frequently, that $5 increase, if it comes down the pike, shouldn't get in the way of membership renewals. But at a time when many consumers are racking up higher credit card tabs than usual, any price increase can sting -- especially when it comes from a store that tends to be synonymous with affordability.

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