Should You Have More Than 1 Side Hustle at a Time?

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Juggling side hustles isn't easy. Should you attempt it?

Key points

  • Many people work a side hustle for the extra money.
  • You may have difficulty managing multiple side jobs on top of your main one.

There's a lot to be gained by getting a side hustle on top of your main job. For one thing, that extra money might give you more spending power for tackling everyday bills. A side gig could also be your ticket to meeting big financial goals. If you're saving up to buy a home, for example, that extra money could get you there sooner. Your side hustle could also make it possible to pay off your credit cards, replace your car, or take the big vacation you've been dreaming about.

But while getting a single side hustle is a reasonable thing to do, taking on more than one side gig at a time is a different story. If you're going to go this route, you'll need to be really careful.

Don't compromise your main job

While the extra money you earn via your side hustle might work wonders for your financial picture, the last thing you want to do is cancel that benefit out by putting your main income source at risk. If you take on multiple side hustles, that could happen.

Juggling several gigs on the side could make it so you're distracted at work (in the case of having to confirm appointments or respond to clients during the day). It could also impact your sleep schedule, so you're more tired and less focused when you're supposed to be meeting deadlines and plugging away. If your performance starts to suffer, you could risk being let go.

Be mindful of burnout

Even if you're able to hold it together at your main job while juggling multiple side gigs, your mental health could suffer if you're constantly scrambling to do side projects that leave you with little downtime. In fact, if you push yourself too hard on the side hustle front, you could end up suffering from a serious case of burnout.

Your physical health could suffer as well if you do too much work on the side. If working more than one side hustle means running yourself ragged and not getting enough sleep, you could wind up getting sick more often or struggling with other issues.

Be careful when taking on multiple side hustles

If you're really good at time management and feel confident in your ability to take on two side gigs at once, then it's something worth trying, especially if each individual gig doesn't constitute a huge time commitment. But don't push yourself to juggle multiple side jobs if you find that you're struggling. Instead, pick the one side hustle that's either the most enjoyable or the most lucrative (depending on your priority) and, if anything, see if you can ramp up on it.

Even if you end up working the same number of hours at one side hustle that you would across two different ones combined, it may be easier to have the one gig and related responsibilities to keep track of. Remember, it's hard enough working a second job on top of full-time employment, so don't make yourself utterly miserable by forcing yourself to hammer away at multiple gigs at once.

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