Stimulus Update: Does Your State Still Owe You a Stimulus Check?

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  • Several states have been issuing stimulus checks this year.
  • If you haven't gotten your money yet, it may be on the way.

It pays to find out and get the money you're entitled to.

Since the start of 2022, inflation has been surging to the point where many people are loading up on credit card debt and cutting out different expenses to simply stay afloat. And unfortunately, there's been no federal stimulus aid to help soften that blow.

The last round of stimulus checks to hit recipients' bank accounts was approved in March of 2021 as part of the American Rescue Plan. Back then, U.S. unemployment levels were very high and COVID-19 vaccines were in short supply. And so it was easier to make the case for widespread financial relief.

But unemployment levels have been low in 2022, and despite inflation, the economy has been strong. In fact, it's easy to argue that inflation is a sign of a healthy economy, because it signifies that consumers have more money to spend, to the point where supply can't keep up with demand.

As such, there's been no federal stimulus aid for almost two years. And we shouldn't expect any broad stimulus measures to pass in early 2023 at the federal level, either.

But some states have come to residents' rescue by issuing their own stimulus payments. And several states aren't done sending stimulus funds out. So if you think you're entitled to a stimulus but haven't gotten your money, don't panic -- it may be on the way.

State stimulus checks are still in the works

Although a lot of people who were entitled to a state stimulus check have received their money already, some states are still in the process of sending out those payments. Massachusetts, for example, only began sending out stimulus funds in November, and the state was expected to keep issuing payments through Dec. 15. That means that if you're a Massachusetts resident, your check might arrive any day now.

Meanwhile, South Carolina plans to continue issuing stimulus payments through the end of the year. It's sending those out in the form of physical checks, debit cards, and direct deposits.

If you live in California, Colorado, or Hawaii, your stimulus payment might also be in progress. Residents of these states are still receiving payments as they trickle in.

Make sure you get your money

Although inflation has cooled since summertime, living costs are still quite high. And so if you believe you're entitled to a state stimulus payment and should've gotten it already, you shouldn't hesitate to follow up.

Of course, the process for doing so will hinge on the state you live in. And your best bet may be to start by doing a search along the lines of " missing stimulus."

For example, plugging "California missing stimulus" into a search engine takes you to a page called Help with Golden State Stimulus. From there, you can get information about the state's stimulus program and tips for what to do if you didn't receive a payment. Each state has its own resources and information on stimulus payments, and you should absolutely reach out to follow up if your money hasn't yet arrived in the mail or hit your bank account.

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