Stimulus Update: These 7 States Are Sending Out Checks in August

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  • There are no plans to send out a round of federal stimulus checks.
  • Some states, however, are sharing excess funds with residents this month.

Is yours on the list?

For months on end, U.S. consumers have been struggling to keep with their living costs in the wake of soaring inflation. Many people have, in fact, resorted to racking up credit card debt just to cover their basic expenses, while others have had to dip deeply into their savings accounts.

Many Americans were hoping that the federal government would come to their rescue the way it did last year by issuing stimulus checks. In March of 2021, lawmakers approved a stimulus round that sent payments worth up to $1,400 out to the public, and that money helped a lot of people cover their living costs at a time when job loss was still rampant.

These days, however, the labor market is strong, and based on that alone, it's hard to make the case for another federal stimulus round. But that doesn't mean states aren't stepping in to help individually.

Some states with a surplus of funds in their budgets are opting to share that money with residents so they can spend it as they see fit. Here are a number of states that are planning to send out stimulus funds in August.

1. Delaware

Delaware began sending out $300 payments to qualifying residents in May. But not everyone who's eligible for that money has received it, and so the state plans to distribute additional funds this month.

2. Florida

In July, Florida announced that low-income families would be eligible for a $450 stimulus check per child. That money should be going out this month.

3. Georgia

Residents of Georgia can qualify for up to $250 in state stimulus funds per person, or up to $500 per couple. Those who filed state tax returns by mid-April should get their money in August.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii residents could be in line for up to $300 in stimulus funds, being billed as a tax rebate. Those payments are expected to start at the end of August.

5. Indiana

Indiana was among the first states to announce a stimulus program, and it began sending $125 payments to residents in May. Those who have yet to receive their money could get it this month.

6. Minnesota

Frontline workers in Minnesota are now eligible for a stimulus payment of $750. Those who are eligible for that money had to apply by July 22, but payments should start going out this month.

7. New Mexico

Qualifying residents of New Mexico will enjoy a $500 stimulus courtesy of their state. The first half of those $500 payments went out in June. The second half is supposed to arrive this month.

There's still aid to be had

The fact that states are taking stimulus matters into their own hands is a good thing for struggling Americans. While the state stimulus payments going out this month may be considerably lower than the $1,400 Americans received in the spring of 2021, at a time when everything from housing to gas to food has gotten so unbearably expensive, every bit of money counts.

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