Stimulus Update: These Proposals Would Restore and Expand Stimulus Funding

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  • An influential lawmaker on the left has written an op-ed noting her support for several types of additional stimulus funding.
  • Representative Ilhan Omar has argued the expanded Child Tax Credit included in the American Rescue Plan Act should be restored and made permanent.
  • She also supports the SUPPORT Act, which would provide $1,200 monthly per adult and $600 monthly per child over five years.

Stimulus checks issued by the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on reducing childhood poverty and played a crucial role in helping families stay afloat during economically stressful times.

There has been no federal stimulus money delivered to Americans' bank accounts for a very long time, though. And one influential lawmaker wants to change that.

Representative Ilhan Omar is a member of "The Squad," which is a powerful group of progressive young lawmakers. She recently wrote an editorial in the Star Tribune voicing her support for several stimulus programs that would deliver much-needed cash to the vast majority of Americans.

These proposals would make a huge difference in your finances

Omar's op-ed was inspired by proposals in her home state of Minnesota that are designed to help working families. These Minnesota proposals include an expanded Child Tax Credit, which would provide payments of $1,000 per child to families earning $50,000 or less. Omar voiced support for this proposal, indicating it is the type of action that should be taken on the federal level rather than being left to the states.

Omar went on to explain two specific plans she would support on the federal level.

One is the restoration of the expanded Child Tax Credit. The expanded credit was created by the most recent COVID-19 stimulus bill passed soon after President Joe Biden took office. It offered parents of children under age 6 a credit of $3,600 per year and parents of children aged 6 to 17 a credit of $3,000. These credits were partly distributed throughout the year in the form of monthly payments totaling $250 or $300.

The expanded credit expired in 2021, and Omar wants it brought back."We are pushing to reinstate the expanded Child Tax Credit and make it permanent, so millions of families have the lifeline they need," she wrote.

In addition to this, she also said that she plans to keep pushing for the passage of the SUPPORT Act, which would provide monthly payments of $1,200 per adult and $600 per child over the course of five years.

Will these proposals become law?

Omar is not the only lawmaker on the left who wants the Child Tax Credit to be expanded again or who wants payments to go out regularly to people to provide a universal basic income. But, there is currently no majority support for these proposals. With the current Congress, neither is likely to happen.

However, with people like Omar continuing to push for these changes, it's possible that some additional stimulus aid could be offered in the future -- especially if the Congress moves left as new young progressive candidates run for office.

So, while these proposals to restore and expand stimulus money won't be passed any time soon, those hoping for another check still have reason to believe that they aren't off the table as the conversation about more aid remains ongoing.

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