Suze Orman Says This Simple Move Could Make Your Financial Goals More Attainable

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  • You may have different financial goals you want to achieve.
  • One easy step could help you stay on track, and it shouldn't take more than a minute.
  • Write down your goals on paper and leave reminders in places you'll see them.

It pays to follow her advice.

Many of us have our share of financial goals. Maybe yours is to build yourself a fully loaded emergency fund within the next six months -- one with enough money to cover, say, half a year's worth of bills. Or maybe your goal is to finally pay off your credit cards once and for all -- and soon.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with coming up with different financial goals to tackle. Quite the contrary -- it's good to have these goals.

The problem is, many of us struggle to actually achieve the goals we think up. Part of that may have to do with the fact that life's many expenses (surprise and otherwise) tend to get in the way. But part of the reason may also stem from a lack of motivation.

Sure, you may want to reach the point of having $15,000 in your savings account, at least in theory. But are you willing to give things up in practice to make that happen? That's a lot harder.

If you've struggled to attain financial goals in the past, you're no doubt in good company. But in that case, it pays to heed some simple advice from financial guru Suze Orman.

A super easy way to stay on track

Orman knows a thing or two about setting financial objectives and sticking to them. There was a point in her life when Orman was in such poor shape financially that she had to live in her car. But Orman knew she didn't want to continue down that path, so she mapped out a plan to break that cycle and reach a more financially healthy place.

It'll help for you to map out a similar plan. But don't just think up financial goals in your head. Rather, write them down.

In a recent tweet, Orman said, "The simple act of writing down an intention and putting it in plain sight can be incredibly helpful and powerful. Think of one of your financial goals and write it down."

So, let's say your goal is to boost your savings by a certain number. In that case, spend a minute writing that number down on a few sticky notes and put them in strategic places -- your laptop, your purse, or your wallet. Seeing that reminder over and over again might trigger something in your head that stops you from making an impulse purchase that sets you back on meeting that goal.

Furthermore, if you have multiple financial goals you're trying to achieve, tackling them all could get overwhelming. So in that case, make a list of your goals by order of priority so you know where to focus your efforts.

Set yourself on a path to success

Suze Orman is invested in helping people take control of their finances. It's why she's constantly tweeting advice and sharing it on her podcast. And this particular piece of advice of hers is extremely easy to follow. So if you have a financial goal you really want to tackle, put it in writing. You may be surprised at just how effective that is.

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