Teachers in This State Will Get $125 Checks for Back-to-School Supplies

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  • Teachers spend, on average, $750 of their own money yearly to buy classroom supplies.
  • Many schools have minimal budgets, resulting in limited supplies.
  • Eligible educators in Georgia will get some financial help thanks to $125 school supply checks.

Educators in Georgia will get some much-deserved financial assistance.

Many schools have already started the school year or are about to do so in the coming weeks. For teachers, it's a busy time as they prep their classrooms to ensure they are ready for students and they have all the supplies needed. While some schools help cover the cost of classroom supplies, not all do.

Due to school district budget limitations, many teachers are left to use money from their own bank accounts to prepare for the year ahead. But educators in Georgia will get some extra help thanks to $125 back-to-school supply checks that are headed their way.

Teachers spend $750 yearly on out-of-pocket classroom essentials

It's clear that educators make a huge difference in the lives of their students, and their work is essential. Many teachers go out of their way to make their classrooms the best possible space for their students. That may mean spending their own money on classroom essentials.

According to a 2021 survey by Adopt A Classroom, teachers spend an average of $750 yearly on out-of-pocket classroom supplies. The same survey found that 30% of teachers spend $1,000 or more. Seeing as many educators already make a modest salary for their work, that's a lot of money to spend.

Teachers who can't afford to cover school supply costs with their own funds are left to get creative as they prepare for the year ahead. That may mean finding ways to use what they already have at home or in the classroom, fundraise, or ask the community for donations.

Educators in Georgia will receive $125 checks

This year, eligible educators in Georgia will get some assistance covering back-to-school supplies. The state will provide $125 checks to all full-time public-school teachers and staff members who work to provide instructional and supportive services to students daily.

Teachers can use the funds to cover the cost of materials, supplies, and other items used for educational purposes. Items purchased must enhance the classroom and learning experience, benefit students' education, or help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Governor Brian Kemp recently announced that the money comes from a new "Back-to-School Supply Supplement," funded through the governor's Emergency Education Relief Program.

If you're an educator at a public school in Georgia, be sure to take advantage of the extra financial help as you prepare for the school year.

Four tips for stretching your paycheck as a teacher

You're not alone if you're an educator trying to improve your financial situation. The following tips may help:

  1. Stick to a budget. A budget can help you stay accountable, minimize unnecessary spending, and get the most out of your paycheck.
  2. Pay down debt. If you have outstanding balances, do your best to work toward paying off that debt. Once you no longer have debt, you'll have more money to work with to put toward essential savings goals.
  3. Use teacher discounts. Don't feel silly putting teacher discounts to use. Review this list of 25 educator discounts so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.
  4. Shop when there's a sale. Buying clothing, household items, or other purchases when they're heavily discounted can allow you to get more out of your money.

As you make small changes in how you handle your finances, you'll get closer to reaching your goals. For additional tips, check out our personal finance resources.

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