The 75 Best Target Deals for Halloween

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  • Get a simple accessory pack for a quick costume, or full outfits for the whole family. Select costumes and accessories are BOGO 50% off through Oct. 8.
  • Home decor deals are abundant, from spooky candy bowls to haunted yard setups.
  • Get games, activities, and candy deals to keep the holiday exciting.

These deals are scary good.

Halloween spending took a bit of a dip during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it's back with a vengeance now. National Retail Federation data shows Halloween goers are expecting to spend $10.6 billion on supplies this year as participation tops pre-pandemic levels.

While overall spending may be hitting a new record, your spending doesn't need to hit your personal finances quite that hard. Strategic deal shopping can limit your expenses.

Take these Target deals, for example. You'll find good buys on everything you need for the Halloween season, from candy to costumes and more.

Halloween costumes from $10

Target has so many costume options, you may think you wandered into one of those pop-up Halloween stores. Get a simple accessory pack for a quick costume, or full outfits for the whole family. Find costumes for the whole family, at competitive prices. Check out some of our favorite deals below.

Through Oct. 8, get selected costumes BOGO 50% off.

Baby and toddler costumes

  1. Toddler Park Ranger Halloween Costume Top with Hat -- $15
  2. Baby Pumpkin Halloween Costume Pullover Top with Hat -- $25
  3. Baby Triceratops Halloween Costume Pullover Top -- $25
  4. Toddler Plush Chicken Halloween Costume Jumpsuit -- $25
  5. Toddler Super Mario Halloween Costume Jumpsuit -- $25
  6. Toddler Velvet Pumpkin Candy Pouch Halloween Costume Pullover Top -- $25
  7. Toddler Licensed Character Halloween Costume, Assorted Styles -- $25

Kids' costumes

  1. Kids' Licensed Character Halloween Costume Jumpsuit with Mask, Assorted Styles -- $15
  2. Kids' Black Dragon Halloween Costume Jumpsuit with Headpiece -- $15
  3. Kids' X-Ray Skeleton Halloween Costume Jumpsuit with Accessories -- $15
  4. Kids' Despicable Me 2 Minions Bob Halloween Costume -- $15
  5. Kids' Ninja Halloween Costume Jumpsuit with Mask -- $15
  6. Kids' Licensed Character Halloween Costume with Accessories, Assorted Styles --  $35

Adaptive kids' costumes

  1. Kids' Adaptive Shark Halloween Costume Jumpsuit -- $25
  2. Kids' Adaptive Unicorn Halloween Costume Jumpsuit -- $25
  3. Kids' Adaptive DC Comics Halloween Costume, Assorted Styles -- $35
  4. Kids' Adaptive Dragon Halloween Costume Wheelchair Cover with Headpiece -- $35
  5. Kids' Adaptive Mermaid Halloween Costume Wheelchair Cover with Hairpiece -- $35
  6. Kids' Adaptive Rocket Ship Halloween Costume Wheelchair Cover -- $35

Adult costumes

  1. Adult Taco Halloween Costume Mask -- $10
  2. Adult Oversize Hammerhead Shark Halloween Costume Mask -- $20
  3. Adult DC Comics Batman Halloween Costume Apparel Set -- $25
  4. Adult Pumpkin Spice Latte Halloween Costume -- $25
  5. Adult Blue Shark Halloween Costume Jumpsuit -- $35
  6. Adult Inflatable Dinosaur Halloween Costume -- $40

Accessories from $1

Even the best Halloween costumes need the right accessories. Whether it's the perfect pail for your candy collecting or a little liquid blood for that spooky final touch. Here are some of the best deals.

Through Oct. 8, get selected accessories BOGO 50% off.

  1. Pumpkin Stackable Halloween Trick or Treat Pail, Assorted Colors -- $1
  2. Cream Halloween Costume Makeup, Assorted Colors -- $1
  3. Kids' Skull Reusable Halloween Trick or Treat Bag -- $3
  4. Halloween Fake Eyelashes, Assorted Styles -- $3
  5. Just Add Water Halloween Costume Makeup Kit, Assorted Styles -- $3
  6. Spray-On Temporary Halloween Body Paint, Assorted Colors -- $3
  7. 16oz Liquid Fake Blood Halloween Costume Makeup -- $5
  8. 13pc Family Fun Halloween Costume Makeup Kit -- $5
  9. Adult Light Up Halloween Costume Accessory Set -- $10
  10. Plush Halloween Trick or Treat Pail, Assorted Styles -- $15
  11. Assorted Halloween wigs -- $10 to $15
  12. Assorted wands, staves, swords, and wings -- $10 to $15
  13. Adult Halloween Costume Accessory Set -- $10 to $20

Halloween decor from $3

Make it feel like Halloween with the perfect haunted decor. Target has everything you need, from spooky candy bowls to full kits to decorate your yard. Here are some of the stand-out deals:

  1. 24oz Melamine Candy Bowl -- $3
  2. 30ct Disposable Halloween Lunch Napkins, Assorted Styles -- $3
  3. Plastic Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Bowl -- $5
  4. Medium Cat Halloween Candy Bowl -- $5
  5. 5" Light Up Happy Three Teeth Pumpkin Face -- $5
  6. 60"x84" Pumpkin Halloween Tablecloth Orange -- $5
  7. 2pk Halloween Terry Kitchen Towels, Assorted Styles -- $5
  8. 9' Incandescent Gauze Garland Halloween Purple String Lights -- $10
  9. Mini Mantel Wood Tree with Pumpkin and Ghosts -- $10
  10. Light Up Foam Tombstone, Assorted Styles -- $10
  11. 70" Incandescent Spider Web Halloween Novelty Silhouette Light -- $15
  12. 14pc Pumpkin Scene Setter Kit -- $20
  13. 11pc Skeletons and Spiders Scene Setter Kit -- $20
  14. 60" Animated Reaper Skeleton with Chains -- $30
  15. 60" Posable Skeleton Halloween Decorative Mannequin -- $40
  16. 71" Light Up Pumpkin Street Lamp -- $75

Games and activities from $3

Turn your Halloween into an event with these games and activities to get everyone in the spooky spirit. These deals can pack a lot of fun into any budget:

  1. Pumpkin Halloween Decorating Kit, Assorted Styles -- $3
  2. 5pc Easy Grip Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit -- $5
  3. Bingo Game Halloween Party Kit -- $5
  4. 48pc Notebooks/Pencils/Erasers/Stickers Halloween Party Favors -- $5
  5. Pin the Skeleton Game Halloween Party Kit -- $5
  6. Ring Toss Game Halloween Party Kit -- $10
  7. Mummy Bowling Game Halloween Party Kit -- $10
  8. Bucket Ball Toss Game Halloween Party Kit -- $10

Candy from $3

Let's face it, for most kids Halloween is all about that candy. With participation peaking this year, be prepared to dish out delights to the whole neighborhood with these deals:

Through Oct. 8, you can save even more by placing your order online then picking up in store or choosing same-day delivery. You'll get selected candy as low as $3. (Keep in mind delivery has extra fees.)

  1. Haribo Halloween Sweet or Scary Mix Gummy Candy - 11.2oz -- $3.00 to $3.29
  2. Nerds Halloween Variety Bag - 12ct. -- $3.00 to $3.29
  3. Tootsie Pops Halloween Bag - 13.2oz -- $3.00 to $3.29
  4. Reese's Halloween Peanut Butter Frankencup Snack Size - 9.35oz -- $3.50 to $3.99
  5. Kit Kat Breaking Bones in White Halloween Snack Size Bag - 10.29oz -- $3.50 to $3.99
  6. York Halloween Peppermint Pattie Snack Size - 11.4oz -- $3.50 to $3.99
  7. Mars Halloween Mixed Fun Size Candy Variety Pack, 30pc -- $5.99
  8. Jolly Rancher Halloween Assorted Bag, 50pc -- $5.99
  9. Halloween Candy Variety Pack, 85ct, Assorted Styles -- $10.99
  10. Mars Minis Chocolate Favorites Variety Pack, 125ct -- $10.99
  11. Hershey Miniatures Halloween Assorted Candy Bag, 100pc -- $10.99
  12. Milky Way, Twix, Snickers, M&M's Halloween Chocolate Variety Pack, 135ct -- $14.99 to $15.99
  13. M&M's, Snickers, Starburst & 3Musketeers Halloween Variety Pack, 225ct -- $14.99 to $15.99

Stack coupons and rewards for extra savings

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