This Beloved Wegmans Feature Is Coming to an End

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  • Wegmans introduced Scan and Go during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The store experienced many thefts as a result, and the feature was discontinued in mid-September. 

Don't expect to see this feature next time you shop at Wegmans. 

If you are a Wegmans customer, chances are good you appreciated the store's Scan-and-Go feature. 

Wegmans first launched the SCAN app in 2020 during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers loved the convenience, but unfortunately due to a substantial amount of losses due to shoplifters, the store had to discontinue it. 

The decision was announced in mid-September, and SCAN customers received a $20 coupon to their Shopper's Club accounts as a "sign of gratitude."

How did Scan and Go work?

Scan and Go was a beloved feature for many Wegmans shoppers because it enabled them to avoid the process of having to check out at the grocery store. Users could scan barcodes on items they were adding to their carts as they walked through the store. This way, they could get through self checkout much more quickly since they would not have to scan each item individually at the end of their shopping trip.

Not only did this process enable users to have less contact with cashiers and other shoppers, but it made shopping much quicker and easier. This is one big reason why some Wegmans shoppers took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the discontinuation of the app.

Unfortunately, Wegmans indicated that while it was aware the app was beloved by those who utilized the technology, the store was unable to continue the program due to too many financial losses caused by shoplifters.

Wegmans is not the only store that has had trouble with this type of technology. Walmart also had to temporarily suspend its self-checkout program although self-scanners have since been relaunched in the big box store and Walmart customers are still able to use mobile scan-and-go technology

Wegmans users should check their accounts for their coupon

While you may be disappointed to discover you can no longer use SCAN to quickly check out at Wegmans next time you visit, you should be sure to check your account to see if you have the extra $20 coupon the store applied as a consolation to Scan-and-Go users. 

The $20 digital coupon is available to customers who used the SCAN app at least three times over the course of the 13 weeks before the program was discontinued. So, if you used the app regularly but haven't been shopping at Wegmans since the announcement of the end of the program, you'll want to be certain you make use of the savings.

Despite the discontinuation of this popular feature, you can still find ways to make shopping at Wegmans faster. Wegmans has partnered with Instacart to offer both grocery delivery and curbside pickup, although you will have to pay a fee to become an Instacart member. You’ll need to decide if the time-saving benefits and convenience is worth the membership price.

You can also opt to pay for your groceries with a credit card if you decide to continue going into the store, since this can be faster than paying with cash or writing a check. Or, if you still find you miss Scan-and-Go technology, you can also check out other stores that still offer this feature, such as Walmart. 

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