This Dunkin' Favorite Has Disappeared Off the Menu. Do You Miss It Already?

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  • The Dunkaccino has left the Dunkin' lineup.
  • You may be able to replace it with another beverage option, or you can take advantage of its departure and save yourself some money by recreating it at home.

Customers now have one fewer option to choose from.

Store-bought coffee is one of those things I tend to prioritize in my budget. While I know that brewing my own at home will result in a much lower credit card tab, the way I see it, buying my morning coffee is an investment in my mood and productivity. So it's worth splurging almost daily, especially since I make a point to keep other living costs of mine, like my mortgage, fairly low.

Meanwhile, my go-to spot for morning coffee is none other than Dunkin'. Since it's on my way home after walking my kids to school, it's easy and convenient for me to pick up a coffee before settling down at my desk to work.

Now normally, I'm the type of person who likes to keep her coffee simple. While some people might enjoy fancy lattes and different flavors, my usual Dunkin' order is pretty straightforward: regular coffee with milk, nothing else. 

But every so often, I'll get a hankering for something a little different. And recently, on a visit to Dunkin', I found myself in the mood for a Dunkaccino, which is basically like a coffee and hot chocolate blended into a single drink.

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I was surprised to see that the Dunkaccino wasn't on the menu but chalked it up to my local Dunkin' being a smaller location. But then I did some digging, and lo and behold, it appears as though the Dunkaccino has disappeared off of the Dunkin' menu for good. And some fans may not be happy about that.

Do you miss your favorite drink already?

The Dunkaccino was a mainstay on the Dunkin' menu for more than two decades. But CNN reports that it's officially been eliminated as a menu option. 

This news isn't totally shocking. It's conceivable that the Dunkaccino was not the chain's most popular or profitable drink. And it's common for fast food chains to alter their menus and remove items that don't tend to do well with customers. 

What's surprising here, though, is that the Dunkaccino stuck around for such a long time. So some fans may be really bummed about its disappearance.

Alternative options to consider

If you're bemoaning the loss of your beloved Dunkaccino, you should know that if you're willing to get creative, you might manage to replace it. For one thing, you could always order yourself a Dunkin' hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. That might mimic the flavor nicely.

Similarly, if you're willing to put in a little work at home, you could make yourself a half-cup of hot chocolate and a half-cup of coffee, and then stir them together. Doing so might also save you a lot of money compared to the cost of buying your morning beverage at Dunkin' or another chain. 

Of course, just because the Dunkaccino is gone for now doesn't mean it won't make a comeback. A Dunkin' spokesperson told CNN that there's a chance it will return in the future. But for now, you may need to explore other options for getting your hot chocolate and coffee fix in the same cup.

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