This Service Lets Remote Workers Rent Homes Throughout the U.S. for Only $1,295 a Month -- With a Catch

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  • Many renters in the U.S. sign a standard yearly lease agreement and pay a monthly rent to live in one place.
  • But for people who can work from anywhere, it might be worthwhile to explore alternative rental solutions to have more control and save money on rental costs.
  • A Landing Standby membership could allow you to move between apartments throughout the country for only $1,295 per month -- but since you'll be renting standby apartments, you may need to move around often.

Some people seek alternative rental solutions as rental costs rise throughout the country.

If you're a remote worker or are self-employed, you may feel little desire to stay in the same place all the time. Instead of paying an expensive rental fee to be stuck in one home 24/7, you may want to explore other living solutions. A new service from Landing allows members to stay in furnished apartments throughout the United States for only $1,295 per month. If you don't mind moving around frequently, this solution could be a win for your wallet and wandering soul.

Introducing Landing Standby

Landing is a membership-based service that enables renters to stay in furnished apartments throughout the United States without committing to a yearly lease. The standard membership costs $199 annually, and renters also pay a monthly rental fee. But there's a new, more affordable service for those with greater flexibility.

The new service, Landing Standby, costs $1,295 a month and enables renters to book standby homes in many U.S. cities, except for properties in New York and California. The price includes everything, including utilities. But there's a catch -- Landing Standby members get a discounted rate by agreeing to be highly flexible. Your departure may come soon after moving in.

Landing Standby members are asked to move out of their home once a standard Landing member rents it. If your current rental gets booked by a standard member, you'll need to choose a new available rental to move into and will be given three days to choose a new place to live. If you're asked to move out, you won't have to pay additional fees beyond the $1,295 monthly fee.

As a Landing Standby member, you can move when you want, too. Members must give three days' notice and select a new home within that time. If you decide to move into a new home, you must pay a $150 cleaning fee before the new renter arrives. This service could be an excellent fit for a flexible person who likes to live in new places and wants to pay a lower rental price.

Keep your finances top of mind

If you've never liked to stay in one place for too long and have the flexibility to live and work anywhere, this may be a living solution that works well for you. But before you agree to this low-cost rental solution, there are some financial considerations you should make:

  • Storage costs: If you currently rent an apartment or own a home, you'll want to consider what you plan to do with your belongings. If you need to rent a storage unit to store your belongings, that will be an extra monthly cost that will impact your personal finances.
  • Moving costs: If you plan to hop around one city or state, it could be relatively affordable to move between apartments regularly. But if you plan to move to different states or want to move around often, it likely won't be as cheap to move between properties. You'll want to consider the cost of moving your belongings and yourself.
  • Living costs: It's also worthwhile to research the cost of living before moving to a new area. As you explore rental options, remember that living costs vary significantly throughout the country. $1,295 may be a low rental price, but make sure you can afford to live comfortably in your new city, so you don't drain your checking account buying groceries, toiletries, and other living essentials.

Cheaper rent may be possible…if you're flexible

As more Americans look for housing solutions beyond the standard 12-month lease, it's encouraging to see more companies offering alternative options. But before putting most of your belongings in a storage unit, ensure you're ready to commit to this unique living situation.

Landing Standby may not be the best fit if you don't do well with change or don't want to risk moving around often. However, if you're an adventurer who craves new experiences, this membership may work out well for you and it could be a great way to save on rental costs.

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