This Surprising Costco Perk Could Save You Money

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  • Costco commonly goes out of its way to give customers the best possible experience.
  • The company's flexible return policy could end up saving you a bundle.

What savings will you reap on your next warehouse club visit?

There are many different things I love about my Costco membership. For one thing, it saves me a lot of money on produce and household essentials. And I happen to enjoy browsing the aisles at Costco for seasonal specials -- think holiday chocolates and the like.

But one of the things I like most about Costco is how customer service–focused it is. In fact, there's one specific Costco policy that's saved me a fair amount of money through the years.

When you change your mind

Many of us make impulse purchases only to wind up with buyer's remorse. Well, at Costco, that doesn't have to be a problem. That's because Costco will allow you to return pretty much anything -- even unopened perishable food! So if you buy something you regret, you can just take it back.

A while back, I purchased some outdoor equipment at Costco, including a tent that didn't function the way it was supposed to. I learned that the hard way when a stiff breeze blew it over and damaged it. Even though I'd clearly used the product, Costco gave me no trouble at all when I went in to return it.

You don't even need to keep your receipt

Sometimes, consumers run into trouble when they try to return an item after the fact but can't dig up the receipt. Of course, some retailers will be understanding in that situation and use your credit card information to find the purchase, but others might tell you that you're out of luck. Not Costco, though. They can simply look up the purchase on your account and refund you on the spot, even if you paid in cash.

It pays to shop at Costco

Not only does Costco allow you to return items you don't want, but it goes out of its way to make sure you're satisfied with your purchases. Years back, I purchased a two-pack of feta cheese. A few weeks later, I noticed one of the packs growing mold. I took it back and asked for a partial refund, because the first pack was fine. The customer service representative I encountered insisted on giving me a full refund for the product.

All told, Costco is really big on customer service, and it's another reason -- aside from low prices -- that I tend to give it my business. In fact, you'll often notice that if you buy electronics at Costco, your products will come with an extended warranty at no extra charge. That's because Costco wants to make sure you're satisfied with your purchases and that they last.

So the next time you buy something at Costco that you change your mind about, whether it's an oversized teddy bear, a kayak, or a tower of chocolates you'd love to devour but realize that's not the best route, just hop in the car and take that item back. The worst part of the experience will likely be waiting in a short line at customer service (for some reason, my local store always seems to have a wait). But otherwise, rest assured that you can return the purchases you no longer want without a hassle.

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