Want More Spending Money for a Post-Pandemic World? Here's How to Get It

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The world is opening back up. Here's how to scrounge up extra cash to enjoy it.

Though the coronavirus pandemic is by no means over, things have improved tremendously in the U.S. Cases are generally down, vaccinations are widely available, and mask mandates and other restrictions are being lifted.

In fact, there's a good chance you'll have many more opportunities to enjoy the upcoming summer than you did last year. But to take advantage of that, you might need extra money. This especially holds true if you're hoping to travel a lot to make up for being stuck at home for the past year. Here are a few things you can do to make some additional cash -- and enjoy the upcoming months.

1. Get a side job

If you can't squeeze more money out of your main job by picking up extra shifts or working overtime, then a side gig is your next best bet. And in this regard, you have options. You can sign up for a job you can do independently, like driving for a rideshare company -- or you can put in some evening or weekend hours at a local retailer, restaurant, or any other business that needs more hands on deck. Also, with summer approaching, you can look at seasonal work, like lifeguarding at the beach on weekends.

2. Have a clearance sale

Chances are, your home is full of items you no longer need, whether it's furniture that doesn't get used, electronics you've since upgraded, toys your kids no longer play with, or clothing in great condition that you haven't worn in years. Taking inventory and selling those items could put a fair amount of cash in your pocket, so spend some time cataloging the things you have and finding buyers for them.

You might, for example, try selling electronics online while also holding a yard sale to unload your bulkier items, like furniture and toys. Plus, it could pay to look at local consignment stores if you have a lot of clothing you want to sell. These stores might either pay for those items upfront or give you a cut of the proceeds for any items they sell.

3. Bank all of your windfalls

You may have extra money coming your way in the next few weeks. If you filed your tax return right around the May 17 filing deadline, your refund could hit your bank account shortly. And if you were owed a plus-up stimulus payment based on your 2020 income, that money could arrive in the near future. It pays to hang onto that cash so it's there for you when your social calendar starts to fill up -- or when vacation plans come to fruition.

Now that the country is opening back up, you may find yourself spending more money than you did over the past 15 months. These tips will help you come up with that extra cash so you don't spend your first few months of freedom racking up expensive debt.

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