Want to Get a Remote Job in 2023? These 30 Companies Are Hiring

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  • Landing a remote job involves tailoring your resume and cover letter for every job you apply to. 
  • FlexJobs allows you to search by job title or skill set.
  • Networking remains an important part of looking for a new job. 

If you're looking for remote work, options are available.

One revelation of the pandemic is how many Americans want full-time remote jobs. According to Toni Frana, Career Services Manager for FlexJobs, the number of remote jobs available is increasing. Frana says corporations are spurred on by the knowledge that they can attract a wider talent pool when they open jobs up to remote workers.

Landing a remote job

The interesting thing about Frana is that she was once a FlexJobs customer, using the No. 1 job search site to find hand-screened flexible and remote jobs. Then, over four years ago, Frana became the company's career services manager. Having experience as a job seeker has given Frana a keener insight into what it's like to hunt for the right job. And as a career services manager, Frana has learned first-hand what it takes to land a remote job.

Let's say you find a company you desperately want to work for. Here are Frana's easy-to-follow recommendations for standing out from the crowd:

  • Tailor your resume and cover letter for every job you apply for. Rather than mass-mailing the same resume and cover letter to dozens (or hundreds) of companies, make yours stand out by gearing it directly to the position you want.
  • Take a close look at the job posting, then determine which of your skills match the keywords used. For example, if a job is looking for a Spanish-speaking applicant, make it a point to highlight that skill in your resume and cover letter. If a company needs someone with a background in JavaScript, detail your experience.
  • If you scroll through listings and don't see anything that inspires you or any jobs you feel qualified to apply for, do not be discouraged. According to Frana, the trick is to stop searching by job title. Instead, type special skills or strengths you possess into the search bar. That way, you can laser-focus on jobs that fit you and your skill set. 
  • As you wait to hear back, continue to network. Frana says the great thing about where we are today is that you can use digital platforms like LinkedIn to meet new people, connect, and accelerate your job search.

To help you get started, here are 30 companies hiring 100% remote workers. 

1. 10up

Digital content management agency

Recent job listings include:

  • Senior Revenue Growth Strategist
  • New Client Strategist Business Development

2. Aha

The world's No. 1 roadmap software company

Recent job listings include:

  • Customer Success Senior Manager
  • Ruby on Rails Engineer

3. Articulate

E-learning software company

Recent job listings include:

  • Sales Development Representative
  • Senior Project Manager

4. Automattic

Web development company, best known for its open-source blogging site, WordPress.com

Recent job listings include:

  • JavaScript Engineer
  • Senior Product Designer, Mobile

5. Avvinue

Pet-focused travel company

Recent job listings include:

  • Junior Front-End Software Engineer
  • UI – UX Product Specialist

6. Big Time Studios

Multiplayer online game creator

Recent job listings include:

  • Junior Growth Analyst
  • Community Moderator Lead

7. CareRev

Connecting healthcare facilities to on-demand professionals

Recent job listings include:

  • Associate Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Vice President of Product

8. Circle – CircleCo, Inc.

Community platform enabling discussions, live streams, chats, and events

Recent job listings include:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Customer Marketing Manager

9. Coalition Technologies

Digital agency specializing in SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and website design and development

Recent job listings include:

  • WordPress Developer
  • Web Development Project Manager

10. Commit Solutions, Inc.

Professional network for startup engineers

Recent job listings include:

  • Content Writer

11. DataStax

Computer software company

Recent job listings include:

  • Production Engineer – Security

12. Doist

Productivity software company

Recent job listings include:

  • Senior Backend Engineer – Python
  • Founding Engineer Electron Applications

13. ElectroNeek

No-code hyper-automation services provider

Recent job listings include:

  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Accounts Receivable Specialist

14. Fire Engine RED

Web-based software company

Recent job listings include:

  • Vue.js Software Engineer

15. GitLab

Open-source coder platform

Recent job listings include:

  • Director of Business Process Automation
  • Paralegal

16. Hotjar

Conversation rate optimization company

Recent job listings include:

  • Legal Counsel
  • Billing Customer Support

17. LeadSimple

Software company

Recent job listings include:

  • Customer Success Associate
  • Lead Software Engineer

18. Modern Tribe

Digital agency

Recent job listings include:

  • Product Owner

19. Mysten Labs

Developer of tools that make web3 secure and ready for mass adoption

Recent jobs listings include:

  • Product Manager, Decentralized Finance Ecosystem
  • Partnerships Manager, Arts and Culture

20. Remote Year

Community-based travel experiences

Recent job listings include:

  • Marketing Analyst

21. Scribendi

Online proofreading and editing firm

Recent job listings include:

  • Editor, Proofreader

22. SitePen

Web development and support firm

Recent job listings include:

  • Senior JavaScript Engineer
  • Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer

23. SoftwareMill

Computer software firm

Recent job listings include:

  • Digital Marketer
  • Content Marketer

24. TheoremOne

Software solutions engineering firm 

Recent job listings include:

  • Senior Solutions Architect
  • Full Cycle Bookkeeper

25. Toggl

Online time-tracking tool company

Recent job listings include:

  • Chief Revenue Officer

26. Toptal

Freelancer job placement company

Recent job listings include:

  • Associate Editor
  • Publications Outreach Specialist

27. VIPKid

Offering ESL services to children in China

Recent job listings include:

  • Online ESL Teacher

28. Working Solutions

On-demand sales and customer service company

Recent job listings include:

  • Healthcare Technical Support Representative
  • Insurance Verification Representative

29. Zapier

Web-application automation service provider

Recent job listings include:

  • Senior Data Analyst
  • Director, Professional Services

30. Zone & Co

Provider of NetSuite applications called Zone Apps

Recent job listings include:

  • Application Specialist
  • Growth Marketer

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