Why Sam's Club Is the Only Place I Buy New Baby Clothes

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  • I don't like to spend a lot of money on children's clothes because they outgrow them quickly.
  • We mostly buy clothing at consignment stores.
  • Sam's Club is the only place where I buy new items, because they carry big name brands at lower prices.

Parents should check out Sam's Club for great deals on baby clothing. 

I have two kids and both of them seem to require multiple outfits per day for various reasons. Often, they need different clothes for different activities, like school clothes for preschool and a casual loose outfit for tumble time. Or, more commonly, they simply make a mess of their outfits and need a change -- or two -- mid-day. 

Because they need so many wardrobe changes, we buy a lot of clothing for them. But we don't want to spend a ton of money on it because kids outgrow their outfits quickly (and we have a son and a daughter, so hand-me-downs aren't really a great option). In most cases, to keep costs down, we buy their clothing at consignment stores. But, there is one place I do buy new baby clothing. It's Sam's Club. 

Here's why I buy new baby clothes at Sam's

There's one simple reason why I opt to buy new baby clothes at Sam's but not at other stores. Sam's carries top-brand items at huge discounts.

We've been able to buy brand-name baby clothes that still have their $20 or $30 price tags on them for under $10 on numerous occasions at Sam's. These are brands that I trust use good-quality cotton material (rather than a lot of polyester or other synthetics) that come at a deep bargain. 

In some cases, Sam's Clubs clothes are so inexpensive they actually end up costing less than buying at a consignment shop. For example, we found a pack of five onesies for $10, which meant they were just $2 each, when we've sometimes paid $2.50 or more at baby resale stores. 

And while the selection can vary somewhat and there are many more items available on some visits than on others, Sam's reliably has a pretty good selection of sizes and styles for both boys and girls. If I can't find what I am looking for when I visit a consignment shop, I can pretty much be guaranteed to find it at Sam's -- so I don't have to drive around going to multiple resale shops and wasting gas in hopes of finding the specific items and sizes I need.

With all of these benefits of buying kids clothes at Sam's, I not only purchase items there for my own kids when we need something new or can't find used items, but I also get all of my baby gifts at Sam's as well. I obviously don't give used baby items as gifts to people, so when I need something brand new with price tags on it after my friends have babies, Sam's is my go-to place to get top-brand items. 

Saving on baby clothes just makes good sense

With kids outgrowing clothing in a matter of months, it makes little sense to spend a fortune on outfits for them. Sam's Club makes it easy to stick within your budget so you don't end up charging expensive outfits on your credit card just to keep your kids dressed and looking cute. Give it a try if you're a parent and hopefully you'll find a great selection like I do. 

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