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Mint Review: A Free, Feature-Packed App That Simplifies Budgeting

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Bottom line: If you want a completely free budgeting app that allows you to organize all of your finances in one place, Mint is a good choice. It's particularly a great pick for beginning savers and budgeters.

Best budgeting app for tracking a wide array of accountsMint

Full Mint review


  • Free to use
  • Secure
  • Syncs to a diverse set of financial accounts
  • Alert and reminder tools
  • Free credit monitoring services
  • Calculates net worth


  • Takes time to set up
  • Categories may assign incorrectly
  • Occasional account connection issues

At a glance

iOS app rating 4.8/5 stars
Android app rating 4.5/5 stars
Cost Free

What is Mint and how does it work?

Mint is a free personal finance app that makes it easy to manage and save money. Developed by Intuit, Inc, this mobile app is a budgeting tool that lets users manage and track their spending. You can also set category-specific budgets and savings goals.

The Mint budgeting app connects with your financial accounts, so users can get a clear picture of their financial health and total debt within the app. It's useful because it can teach you to save money more effectively while also helping to improve your financial literacy.

You'll need to download the app and sign up for an account to use its features. You can then set a total monthly budget, categorize expenses, track your spending by category, and monitor your credit score.

With Mint, you can set up bill reminders and get alerts when you overspend beyond your set budget, get charged a late fee, or when an upcoming bill is almost due. This budget app also includes goal-setting tools so you can set financial goals and track your progress.

There are no upgrade options or paid plans for Mint. Instead, all features are free to use.

Top perks

Free to use

You won't need to invest in a premium membership to access all the features Mint offers. This isn't the case with every budgeting app out there. Students and others just getting started saving and budgeting, or trying to spend less while improving your budgeting skills, will find that this app is a good fit.

It's secure

You should feel comfortable using Mint. Intuit uses VeriSign to securely transfer your data and multi-factor authentication to protect your account.

Free credit monitoring

With Mint, it's easier to monitor your credit. Users are able to view their credit score at any time and track changes. And your score won't be negatively impacted by this feature because Mint performs a soft credit check.

Supports different financial accounts

Mint supports a variety of financial accounts, allowing you to have a clear picture of your total debt without having to use other budgeting apps. With this app, you'll be able to see all of your accounts in one place, including:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgage accounts
  • Personal loans

Easily monitor your spending

Mint is one of the best budgeting apps to use if you have a financial goal and want to monitor your spending regularly. It shows your account balance and recent transactions. It also lets you know about upcoming bills.

Alerts and reminders

With the Mint app, you can easily set up account alerts so you don't miss payments or overspend. Choose how you receive account alerts for the following:

  • Late fees
  • Low balance
  • Bill reminders
  • Over budget within a category
  • Rate changes
  • Unusual account activity

Set financial goals within the app

You can also use the Mint budgeting app to set and track your financial goals, including paying off debt, saving more money, or improving your credit score.

See your net worth

If you've been wondering about your net worth, the Mint budgeting app provides a simple way to see how much you're worth.

What could be improved

It takes time to set up

It will take you some time to put all your information in and set up your Mint account. Be aware that you may also need to set aside time to learn how to use the app and all it offers.

Automatic category assignments

Sometimes Mint will automatically assign expenses to the wrong category. If a mistake is made, you can edit categories, but this does take extra effort.

Account connection issues

Mint will occasionally have issues connecting to a particular financial account. Users have especially had a hard time successfully adding accounts from smaller institutions.

Mint partners with financial companies to cover its costs. This means you'll get recommended financial products when using the app. These recommendations are based on your financial situation and may be useful. But some app users may find this to be intrusive.

Alternatives to consider

If you want an app that has more features: YNAB (You Need a Budget) is an alternative budgeting app worth considering. It helps you give every dollar a job, allows you to budget for future months, and provides education to help you budget and spend your money smarter. The company provides daily, free 20-minute educational workshops. Unfortunately, YNAB is a paid app, so you may want to stick with Mint if you need a free budgeting app.

If you want an app that works better for couples: Zeta is an alternative you should try. It includes tools that make it easier to manage and split budgets. You can see total income and expenses, review transactions, and see when bills are due. Zeta also allows couples to categorize expenses as individual or shared expenses. But you may want to stick with Mint if you need an app that is focused on budgeting for individuals.

What are the costs?

This app is completely free to use. There are no upgrades or paid plans available.

This app is right for:

If you're new to budgeting or in need of an easy-to-use budgeting method, Mint is a free budgeting solution with a lot of features that might be right for you.

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