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RoosterMoney Review: Track Allowances and Provide Valuable Lessons About Money

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Bottom line: RoosterMoney is a parent's best friend. It lets you send allowances to your kids, show them how to save for future purchases, and it offers lots of useful educational content.

Best allowance appRoosterMoney

Full RoosterMoney review


  • Manage your kids' allowances
  • Accounts for parents and children
  • Helps teach kids responsible financial habits
  • Easy to use
  • Free version available
  • Educational content
  • Supports multiple currencies


  • Subscription fee to access all features
  • Prepaid cards are only available for U.K. users

At a glance

iOS app rating 4.7/5 stars
Android app rating 4.6/5 stars
Cost Free for virtual tracker; $2.99 per month or $18.99 per year for Rooster PLUS

What is RoosterMoney and how does it work?

RoosterMoney is a virtual allowance tracker. It offers separate accounts for parents and kids. From a parent account, you can set up automatic allowance payments and split payments into different pots for spending, saving, and giving. Children can check their balances in the app and decide how they want to use their money. If you pay for a Rooster PLUS account, you'll unlock more features, including the option to add chores, pay your child interest, and make regular deductions for expenses.

Since this is an allowance tracker, you're not actually sending money to your kids through the app. You'll need to do that on your own. The app helps you stay on top of how much allowance you'll give, which you can do in a currency of your choice. RoosterMoney does offer a Rooster Card plan for an additional fee, but it's only available to families in the United Kingdom. The plan includes a prepaid Visa debit card with parental controls for children ages six and up.

The app also includes quite a bit of educational content. In the resources section, you'll find articles, activities, worksheets, and challenges to help your kids improve their financial literacy.

Top perks

Manage your kids' allowances

If you've been looking for a way to track allowances, RoosterMoney makes it easy. From their allowance settings, you can set an amount and how often kids should receive it. Payment frequency options are weekly, monthly, and fortnightly (the company behind the app is based in London).

That's available with the free version of RoosterMoney. Upgrading to Rooster PLUS allows you to set up chores and assign specific amounts to each chore, such as $1 when your child cleans their bedroom. You don't need to use this strictly for chores, either. Want to encourage your children to do their homework or share their toys? Add it as a chore to give them a financial incentive. You can also send your kids extra money as a reward at any time.

Accounts for parents and kids

RoosterMoney lets parents and kids have their own separate accounts. Kids don't need their own smartphones. You can set up their account either on their device or on your own.

You'll have full control over your kids' allowances and money on your side. In each child's account, they'll be able to see their balance and move money between their spend, save, and give pots.

Helps teach kids responsible financial habits

The great thing about RoosterMoney's features is how they help you educate your children about personal finance. That's especially true if you upgrade to Rooster PLUS, but the free version of the app can also work well if you'd prefer not to pay a subscription fee.

With the free version, you can divide allowances and other payments between your kid's three money pots: Spend, save, and give. You can also set up savings goals for them. If they keep telling you that they want a new video game console, you can add that as a savings goal, along with a picture of the console and a target amount.

Rooster PLUS has even more ways to teach smart money habits. Adding chores with monetary rewards can demonstrate the value of working hard. You can also add regular deductions for expenses, giving children their first taste of paying bills. Maybe you decide your kids should pay $0.50 per month towards Disney Plus or $1 per month towards their phone bills. This feature is perfect for showing your kids how to budget and explaining budgeting methods.

Easy to use

Even though RoosterMoney offers a lot of features, the app is well designed and doesn't have much of a learning curve. The process of creating accounts and setting everything up is straightforward. Once you download the app, you could have an automated allowance ready within 5 to 10 minutes.

Free version available

Some allowance apps only offer a paid version. That isn't the case with RoosterMoney. Its virtual tracker is available free of charge, which is a big plus for parents on tight budgets.

Educational content

One of the challenges of choosing a financial literacy app is finding the app that has everything you need. Many offer either allowance tracking or educational content, but not both. With RoosterMoney, you don't need to choose. In addition to allowance tracking, it has several educational resources available. Here are a few examples:

  • Educational primers on various subjects, including payment methods, earning money, and compound interest.
  • Printable worksheets.
  • Money challenges, such as budgeting for a family dinner party and selling belongings to declutter.
  • Tips on using RoosterMoney.

Supports multiple currencies

While RoosterMoney is made by a company in the United Kingdom, parents from all around the world can use it. You can choose from any currency in the world for your kids' allowances. If you don't want to use monetary allowances yet, you can give them stars instead.

What could be improved

Subscription fee to access all features

The free version of RoosterMoney doesn't have nearly as many features as Rooster PLUS. To get the most out of this app, you need to pay a subscription fee. Keep in mind that the fee is very reasonable at $2.99 per month or $18.99 per year (for U.S. users). And to RoosterMoney's credit, you can use the free version to avoid any sort of charge.

Prepaid cards are only available to U.K. users

A prepaid debit card is a convenient feature for an allowance app to have. Since you can load it with money, it allows you to fully manage your kids' money through the app. RoosterMoney only offers this perk for families in the United Kingdom, and it costs extra. If you're in the United States and you want prepaid cards for your children, then you need to find an alternative.

Alternatives to consider

If you want an allowance app that offers prepaid cards for U.S. families: FamZoo offers up to four prepaid debit cards with its standard membership. This app also allows parents to set up their own virtual family bank and even pay their kids interest. It doesn't have a free version like RoosterMoney, though, and it's more expensive at $5.99 per month (or as low as $2.50 per month if you pay for a longer plan upfront).

If you want an app that makes learning about finance fun: Zogo has modules with enjoyable lessons on different money concepts, including budgeting and investing. You can even get gift cards to your favorite retailers by completing modules in Zogo. But it doesn't offer any allowance tracking, so RoosterMoney is the better choice if that's what you want.

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What are the costs?

RoosterMoney is free to download and use. The free version of the app includes a virtual money tracker; allowance scheduling; pots for spending, saving, giving, and goals; and educational content.

Rooster PLUS costs $2.99 per month or $18.99 per year for U.S. users. With this upgrade, you'll be able to set up chores, set interest rates on your kids' balances, add unlimited guardians, and deduct money from your child's account for expenses.

For U.K. users, Rooster PLUS costs 14.99 British pounds per year. There's also the option of a Rooster Card for 24.99 British pounds per year, which includes a prepaid Visa debit card for one child. Additional cards cost 19.99 British pounds per year.

This app is right for:

Parents interested in managing allowances and teaching their children more about money.

When it comes to financial literacy apps, RoosterMoney has just about everything parents could want. You can use it to track your kids' money and divide funds into different categories. There are plenty of educational resources to illustrate important financial concepts in a fun way. You have the option of a free version with some solid features or an affordable paid version with even more benefits.

The only big drawback is the fact that U.S. families can't get any prepaid debit cards for their children through this app. But besides that, RoosterMoney is as good as it gets.

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