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Zeta Review: A Budgeting App With Couples in Mind

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Bottom line: Zeta is a budgeting and expense tracking app for couples and families. Users can connect accounts and create shared budgets. The mobile app can be buggy at times and is not optimized for tablets.

Best budgeting app for couplesZeta

Full Zeta review


  • Works with personal and joint accounts
  • Automatic and manual synchronization
  • Share budgets and goals
  • Split bills and communicate in the app
  • Keep on top of monthly bills


  • Not optimized for tablets
  • Prone to bugs that interrupt use

At a glance

iOS app rating 4.2/5 stars
Android app rating 3.7/5 stars
Cost Free

What is Zeta and how does it work?

Zeta is a budgeting app for couples. It integrates both personal and shared accounts, including bank accounts, loans, and credit cards. Connect your account directly for automatic updates or manually add an account to handle it yourself.

You can see your individual and joint incomes, expenses, and savings in one place. It lets you create multiple budgets for personal and shared expenses. Plus, you can set specific financial goals for you and your partner, such as saving for a vacation or setting up an emergency fund.

Not only can you track your transactions, but you can also program your monthly bills so you know what's coming up. You can split purchases or bills between users to keep expenses clear. You can even leave memos on specific transactions to help keep communication open.

Top perks

See personal and joint accounts

Managing money as a couple can be challenging. The Zeta app can help couples and families navigate those challenges jointly. All Zeta features can be set as personal or shared. Zeta puts a new spin on personal finance.

It's easy to switch between views. You can check your personal accounts, shared accounts, or even view what your partner sees. You can also use the privacy settings to hide some features from the shared view.

Connect your accounts easily

The Zeta app works with a variety of accounts, from checking and savings accounts to credit cards and loans. Zeta can link with more than 10,000 banks and institutions. You can add both individual and joint accounts.

Perhaps you're concerned about security or simply prefer to do things yourself. If so, you can manually add your account.

Share budgets and goals between users

As you'd expect of any good money management app, you can create comprehensive budgets with Zeta. In fact, Zeta goes one step further: It lets you set up both personal and shared budgets.

To create a budget, first input your income and expenses. Add recurring monthly expenses as well as one-time budget items. Pre-existing categories cover all the basics, from rent and mortgage costs to personal care and pet expenses. If you have expenses that don't fit in a prescribed box, you can make your own customized categories.

You can also set personal or shared financial goals. Choose from a list of goal options like saving for a vacation, starting a family, or paying off debt. You can designate a goal as personal or shared and decide if it's visible to only you or to everyone. You'll be able to keep track of multiple goals at once and get a full view of all of your financial goals in one place.

Add transactions and split purchases

As you spend, you can add each transaction to your Zeta account to track expenses. If you have linked accounts, Zeta syncs the information automatically. Or you can manually add transactions with a few taps. Use pre-existing category tags or set up your own to easily see where your money is going.

What makes Zeta great for couples is that you can set each transaction as personal or shared. You can also split the cost between you and your partner. And Zeta lets you leave messages on individual transactions to remind yourself of important details or notify your partner.

Track monthly bills to stay in the know

If you've ever been stuck with a late fee because you -- or your partner -- forgot to pay a bill on time, Zeta can help. Users can see recurring monthly bills on the app's main page. You can also set reminders for you, your partner, or both of you. If you've got a one-time bill or expense, you can set it up as a task so you don't forget about it.

What could be improved

Not optimized for tablets

One major drawback to the Zeta app is that it isn't optimized for use on a tablet. The app is basically unusable on Android tablets. Buttons you need don't appear on screen, you can't click on some of the text boxes, and it's difficult to enter text into others.

The version for iOS tablets works better, but the experience is still poor. It doesn't enlarge the phone-sized screen for the tablet and the resolution is poor. Similar issues with text boxes also persist.

Tablet users are a smaller portion of the mobile device demographic, but it's still an issue for those who prefer the larger screen of a tablet.

Prone to bugs

Unfortunately, the app isn't without its technical issues on a phone either. The app reviews are riddled with bug complaints. For example, a recent issue made it impossible to add new transactions. Zeta does seem to respond fairly quickly with fixes and updates. But some users may be turned off by both these usability issues and the need to update the app regularly.

Alternatives to consider

If you want an app that works on any device: You Need a Budget is an easy-to-use budgeting app that works across mobile devices, including tablets. The app is streamlined but still packs in a lot of features. On the downside, couples would need to share credentials to use the app for shared budgets, and there is a monthly cost. For a free, couple-friendly budgeting solution, stick with Zeta.

If you want an app that includes investments and taxes: Mint is a hugely popular budgeting app owned by Intuit. It has robust budgeting features and lets you connect your investment accounts to track your tax returns when you file through Turbo Tax. However, Mint lacks many of the account-sharing tools that Zeta offers.

What are the costs?

It's totally free to download and use the Zeta app. However, you may come across advertisements for special offers with additional costs.

This app is right for:

The Zeta app is a good fit for couples who want to create shared budgets and track family expenses. It's easy to set up and track both personal and shared incomes and expenses, and users can even communicate within the app. That said, tablet users will likely have many technical issues. And even mobile phone users may experience a number of bugs that require regular updates.

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